Raptors Offer A Familiar Script At The ACC.

It had been awhile since I had made my way down to the ACC to cover a game. The results off the floor were pretty good as we have some great interviews set up for This Week in Raptorland. We talk with DeMar DeRozan on the heels of his game winner in Orlando, Amir Johnson talks about his google hangout, The Raptors Red Party tonight and a great month for him in January. Also Tristan Thompson of the Cavs talks about putting basketball on the map in Canada.

Speaking of the Red Party Remix Jerrica our Community Manager will be in attendance for that event. If your looking for he find Ed Davis and she should be somewhere near by. Kidding aside she is going to be there and capturing all the goings on and will have something in the blog on the event. So look for her and go say hello.

Now on the game itself. A couple of things of note in this one. It started out well for DeMar DeRozan who looked as if he was picking up where he left off with his game winner in the first quarter. He had a dozen after one and looked very good. Also pre-game I briefly chatted with Ed Davis and he mentioned about being excited to face his former UNC alum Tyler Zeller a rookie for the Cavs. It showed as well as Davis got off to a fast start.

The Raptors would fade heading into halftime and struggle in the third only to fight back and regain control heading to another nail biting ending. The Raptors had a two point advantage and it looked as if yet another overtime might be in the cards. Which for the Raptors would not have been good news given their record. Instead Kyrie Irving showed some of his All-Star talents hitting a deep three guarded by Alan Anderson. He left the Raptors less than a second to respond and their would be no magical finish for this one.

No Pizza, No Win as the Cavs take it 99-98. Kyrie Irving the star of then night with 32 points none bigger than that final deep three. The hometown kid Tristan Thompson had his best outing in his home and native land with 14 points and 8 rebounds. He has been rolling of late and so has Amir Johnson who had 18 points and 12 rebounds to lead the Raptors effort in this one. DeRozan after that strong first would only score 3 more points to finish the night with 15.

We will have a jam packed This Week In Raptorland with myself and Josh Lewenberg along with some coming up from Jerrica later in the week on the Raptor's Red Party going down tonight in Toronto.

It was great to be back at the ACC but unfortunate that it was a result I have seen far to often both sitting in front of my T.V or live at the ACC. The Raptors have just had a terrible time finding a way to maintain leads and close out games this season.

Was also great to see so many of the brave men and women who serve and protect us in Canadian Military on hand last night. They are true heroes and deserve all our respect. They don't hit game winners or dunk basketballs they just keep us safe and serve our country.

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