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I don't really have much thoughts on last night's loss to the Grizzlies. It was not unexpected by me and on Twitter I pointed out the Z-Bo would be the big issue not Gay or Davis. Zach Randolph with his 17 points and 17 rebounds made that seem pretty smart. I bet some morning show hosts could not have been that wise. Wait what was that about? Maybe if yo have been following my Twitter that will make sense. In any case will leave that for you to solve. The Raptors did not solve the Grizzlies as they lost 88-82.

Highlight of the night was DeMar DeRozan getting a ball stuck in the scoreboard....That no on could have seen coming not even me.

As for the deadline today.....most people desperately want to say so long and good riddance to Andrea Bargnani. I am one of them but this is where my brain kicks in and spoils it for everyone. Given the climate out there it seems HIGHLY unlikely we see Bargnani move today. If we did it likely would be in a terrible trade money wise for this club that would handcuff them badly. As much as it pains me to say it waiting for the off-season might be the best course of action.

Bryan Colangelo quickly back tracked when he promised more to come after the Rudy Gay trade. I would suggest you might see Hamed Haddadi released and Raptors go get the best PG they can find not currently in the NBA if they fail to do anything today. If they do anything it likely is secure a legit back-up point guard. If Kyle Lowry were to be injured this team would be in serious trouble. One interesting name would be Cory Joesph from the Spurs but hey still are high on him and that is probably me with a bit of Andrew Wiggins hangover.

Whatever happens I will provide updates as need me throughout the day. I expect a quiet day overall....If there is one big name to move the smart money for me is it will be Josh Smith. Will see what happens and also watch what the Bucks and Celtics do and if they finally put to bed this dream of a Raptors playoff push. 

Update: 9:45 AM
Here is the likely trade with a 2nd round pick going to Suns as well. No Marbury in the deal as a family bonus. That is your first update of the day.

Update 10:30

Raptors may only need a second in that reported trade and waive Haddadi.

The bad news for the Raptors is the Bucks are looking to be very active in pursuit of both Josh Smith from the Hawks

and J.J Redick from the Magic they pull this off and you can call it a day for the 8th playoff spot.

Update 11:33

Not a peep of news about Andrea Bargnani....everyone get your shocked faces on. Bucks still in Top 2 for Josh Smith battling with Suns. Hawks would like to deal him to the West but can get a much better deal from Bucks in my opinion. To this point around the league nothing to exciting beyond Smith and Redick they are only major names people are talking about.....back to making you all laugh on the Twitter Machine....hopefully.  

Have yet to mention the Celtics till Now.

If your keeping score on the rumours standings: 1. Bucks 2. Boston 3. Raptors does not a playoff run make. That is all for now.

Here is more on the Raptors minor move and how it will look like at the end of the day.

I know you want Bargnani gone well sometimes life sucks like that.

Update 12:50:

Seems Josh Smith deal may be falling apart....now 50/50 if he will be traded. Raptors deal is still on track....Worst Trade Deadline Day Ever.....Could be. Blame it on Rumours!!!


Don't get to excited Dexter Pittman goes to Grizz from Miami for a pick even less time for Ed Davis?

In other more important news as you may have heard first on our Twitter account we have named the Officially Theme Song for  NBA Trade Deadline 2013:

Call me Maybe? 

Worst Trade Deadline ever is becoming VERY LIKELY!!!!

Oh and Raptors Deal is OFFICIAL according to THIS:

Can it get bigger than this....likely not!!!

No trade update just FUN UPDATE from the Guys at TBJ....Matt Devlin Rap Video.....Oh it is Good:

J.E Skeets would clearly kick my butt in a battle Rap.....LOL.

Waiting for a Bargnani trade? David Aldridge with your COLD SHOWER/ evidence Bargnani might not have value we are snowed into thinking he has:

On the bright side you get to boo him till at least April maybe even next year too!!!

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