Gay or not Clippers will be tough

So it is a longshot if we see Rudy Gay tonight vs the Clippers. Still maybe an outside chance but unlikely. Gay is expected to be in town though and get his medical to finalize the deal.

As expected Dwane Casey was fined 25,000 after his rather blunt accessment of the NBA refs and their lack of calls for his team. Some fans have said fans should pick up the tap for coach Casey others have said MLSE should pick up the tab.

If fans want to raise 25,000 why not give it to charity in coach Casey's name. This is what Mark Cuban did when he was getting fined on a regular basis. Matching the fine with a charitable donation in the amount of the fine.

Bryan Colangelo has been making the rounds telling anyone who will listen the Raptors are not done dealing. I still feel that this team is too far behind to rise back into playoff race. Colangelo is looking beyond this season it would seem. He has painted himself into a corner promising more in terms of movement.

I am still pretty sick and to add to the issues my computer needs to get some repairs. So it may be a little rough around the edges here in the DNB. I applogize but will do my best to keep things rolling.

This is the first time I have written on my blackberry. if there is a will there is a way.

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