DNB Fan Zone: Raptors vs Grizzlies

I have been saying for a long time that the Dino Nation Blog was going to get more into audio and video. The process to that has been slow but it is finally starting to take shape. We have been doing This Week In Raptorland our weekly Podcast with myself and Josh Lewenberg. Which I hope people are enjoying I know we are in doing it for you.

Now this is another step in that road to a more multi-media DNB. Raptors took on the Grizzlies at the ACC on Wednesday and Ed Davis #1 fan Jerrica was not going to miss that one. To keep her mind off the fact Ed was in another team's jersey we sent her out to talk to some of you at the game and get your thoughts on the Raptors. She is joined by her camera man Jevon as they found some folks to talk with. So have a look.

That was pretty good job from our DNB crew. They also were wondering around the Raptors Red Party and will have that video for you next week likely on Tuesday. This is just the start of hopefully a lot more video stuff we will be doing going forward. You may even see my ugly mug. We also will try and do some stuff with Candice too. We has some plans in the works and we hope to get a lot of them started this season and build on them for next year. So be on the lookout for us at Games and Raptors events and come be a part of the shows. I am very excited to get this stuff finally going. I hope it is just the start of exciting new things for the DNB.

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