Love A Win No Matter How Ugly

The Toronto Raptors head into the All-Star break much like they ended the calendar year of 2012 riding a 4 game win streak. The Raptors in a game that was truly ugly in many ways found a victory in NYC last night. It was not a game that was pretty but at the end of the day it is about wins and loses and there are no style points.

You can debate if it was a great defensive struggle or a bunch of players focused on the fact the All-Star break was here. It would have been easy for the Raptors to roll over and die. When you consider Rudy Gay was struggling and Kyle Lowry was sent to the showers late in the third quarter.

The Raptors would continue to show a new found ability to deal with adversity and finish games.  Something early in this season they simple could not do. The Raptors would get a great performance from Alan Anderson and would ride that to a 92-88 victory.

Much like that run to close 2012 the Raptors once again find themselves sneaking back into playoff consideration. It likely isn’t going to happen but the fact this team looks totally different since the arrival of Rudy Gay with a 5-2 record gives some hope. What may ultimately play a role is what not only the Raptors do but other teams do prior to the trade deadline next Thursday.

I still think the Raptors are a very long shot to make the post-season. That said anything can happen I suppose and the Raptors are playing with a different attitude that could serve them well.

Terrence Ross is off to Houston for the Dunk contest while most of the Raptors are heading home to take a well deserved rest. It has been a roller coaster season to this point and to think anyone can predict what will happen post All-Star break is just educated guess work.

Will be not as busy here in the DNB but will keep taps on the Slam Dunk Contest and an event here in Hamilton where perhaps a future NBA All-Star will be in town in Andrew Wiggins. If he matches the hype that is surrounding him we could be talking about him in All-Star Weekends for years to come in the future.

It is Valentine’s Day and congrats to Landry Fields and Elaine Alden on getting engaged. Not sure what you do for an encore after that for Valentine’s Day. This is thankfully not my problem. I will just say this. Roses and flowers die but stuffed animals live forever…But as smart women will say…. so do diamonds. In any case have a great day and remember the most important person to love is yourself. This line will not work on a girlfriend or wife either.

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