Chris Bosh Is Special This Year

I think some Toronto Raptor fans need to stop worrying about where Chris Bosh will be in 2010. They should focus in on what he is doing right now. If they don't they are missing out on what is quickly becoming a special season for the Raptors franchise player. He has been willing his team to victories that have not come easy for the Raptors. I can only imagine what Sam Mitchell must have felt like when he was told is star player was stuck in an elevator and may not make it to A.C.C in time for the game. Some think Sam is coaching for his job. So to be down your best player and the star you acquired in a trade would have been impossible to imagine any kind of success.

Bosh has a great relationship with Mitchell and that is part of the reason Sam has been able to keep his job through all the issues the Raptors have endured over the years. Kevin Garnett give credit to Mitchell for being a mentor for him in Minnesota. Bosh with Mitchell in the role of coach has learned a lot of those same things that Mitchell impressed upon K.G. Chris Bosh deserves much of the credit for all of his success. He works hard and wants to be a winner. He sets goals that some at first thing are not realistic. But Bosh does and shows us all that he is not just about saying it, he is about doing it as well. Still it needs to be said that Sam Mitchell for all that have bad things to say about him. Understand that he has been the guy that has pushed Chris to reach this level. He has every right to smile and feel a part of the success of CB4.

Bosh has just taken his entire game to a new level that we have never seen before. The talk of if Chris Bosh is a true franchise player should be over. The never conversation should be is he one of the true elite players in this league. He played with a lot of the names in that class in his time with team U.S.A. It seems clear that Bosh has learning some things from Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and D-Wade. He feels he belongs in that kind of club of names. He boldly stated that he wanted to be in the M.V.P conversation prior to the season. Well at the end of November just turn on NBA-TV or ESPN and guess what he is. The only thing holding him back is his team's record.

A reader in response to my interview about NBA Live 09 commented that Bosh should be on the cover next year. Vince Carter was once on the cover of a Canadian release of the game. I am pretty sure that was the 2004 game but I could be wrong. A few years ago would I have considered Bosh for being a cover man for the folks at EA? I would not have for a lot of reasons. But in the last 2 years while Bosh has improved on the floor, he also has unleashed his personality on North America. The wacky You Tube Videos and appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Fans also got to see a lot of him in the Olympics both on and off the floor. It all has built him into someone that is known to the degree that I think EA would look at him. He is a guy that likes video games as well. He does admit that he is more of a Madden guy than NBA Live or any other basketball video game. But a trip out to Vancouver may get him into it.

I am not going to put any limits on Chris Bosh. Like he has said that if you set a goal that is a number what happens if you reach it? Why stop there. So why have a number to limit what you can do. I understand that kind of thinking cause I live it in a different way. If I set limits on what I was doing here would I have been able to accomplish all the things I have? It is highly unlikely. That is why I reach out to folks and hope for the best. I don't always get what I am after. But if the effort to do it is not there the chances of getting them to happen are none. Chris Bosh sets a fine example for all people young and old. Never allow yourself to settle. Always push to do more and to be more. There are few people in this world let alone pro sports that deserve titles of being Role Models or Heroes. But I will tell you what...Chris Bosh is both.

Will he win an M.V.P award in his career? No one can say for sure. But if he can be those two things above at the end of the day, if the Award comes his way or not, it means much more to be those things. I am not as willing to call Kobe or Lebron those things. They could be Heroes on the court but with Bosh I am talking on and off the floor. Is Lebron James quest to be a billionaire athlete real the stuff of a role model? I mean sure we all want to make money. I am sure Chris Bosh does and I would as well. But is that the message you want to send. In recent months I don't think loyalty is a word that goes with Lebron James. Chris Bosh I truly believe is that loyal guy. You can say all you want about him going here and going there. But he has never said it or implied it at any point in his Raptor Career. In fact I think Chris Bosh has a rather old school attitude of wanting to be a rare player that spends his entire career on one team. Luck for us that team would be the Toronto Raptors. I guess in 2010 we will find out if I am right about all of this. But until that time comes I encourage you to stop worrying and start watching what this guy is doing. Like it says in the title this is truly special to be watching what he is doing right now. Tonight he takes on a guy that knows about 81 things of what special is all about. Kobe Bryant is guy that respects how good Chris Bosh is. In fact all of the big names mentioned in this blog thus far do. Time for folks in Toronto to understand it to if you haven't already.

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  1. Can't disagree about Bosh. His jumper has become so automatic that you can't play a step back. He's become a freak. A freak that I'd take on my team any day.