Raps vs Sixers Round 2

Let's start today with a trivia question. Who leads the season series between the Raptors and Sixers All-Time? It was a trick question as both teams have beat the other 25 times. But as far as this season goes the Raptors have a 1-0 lead. They met on opening night which to me seems like it was just a few days ago. But it was back on October 29th and here is what the Dino Nation Blog had to say about it:
Raptor Rewind From Oct. 29th The Sixers have not won a game on the road yet this season as they are 0-3. The Raptors are looking to rebound after a tough loss in Boston. This is only the 3rd home game of the season for the Raptors. They have yet to have back to back games at home this year. But this game is the first at home of two for the Raptors as they will play the Heat on Sunday afternoon. By the way that is the game that is suppose to be on TSN2 but rumours have been buzzing that this game may be picked up by Raptors TV in addition to be broadcast on TSN2. That will make some folks with Raps TV happy. I am one of those. But I really think this has become a massive embarrassment for all parties MLSE, Rogers, and Bell who owns TSN. But maybe we do not matter like hockey fans. I think it should be pointed out that basketball has a lot more of a young fan base and I think all you kids buy all these tech toys that Rogers and Bell are selling. They may want to remember that. As for tonight's game it will be on THE SCORE. So you can all tune in.

Media vs Mitchell

For all you people that are into the negative Dave Feschuk is feeding into your rage and giving you another reason to hate Sam Mitchell. He thinks Sam has to much respect and love for K.G. While I think Dave Feschuk only knows how to stir up stuff and feed into the worst aspects of everything to do with the Raptors.

Feschuk On Mitchell and K.G

Oh well as long as the Star keeps giving this guy checks I guess both Sam and the Dino Blogger and anyone smart enough to understand his whole angle will have to put up with more of this bunk. But the problem is that in general the way a lot of this fan base is up and down like a yo-yo there is enough people that buy into all of his negative writing. I have never personally liked this guy and can't see that changing. Maybe Feschuk is just mad that Mitchell respects K.G and not him, who knows and who cares.

Doug Smith was also in Sam Mitchell grill today. Sam is cranky according to Smith. Which I have come to understand means Sam will not answer the questions we want answers too. The truth is that Sam Mitchell has no obligation to answer to anyone in the media. He owes answers to Bryan Colangelo and despite what the media may want to think Sam does not have to answer a thing. He has found a way to keep his job for as long as he has and that is not because this man is an idiot. Love him or hate him Sam Mitchell is no ones fool. He could have said hey I called the right play is it my fault J.O fumbled it out of bounds? But Sam stands up for his players and sometimes that may lead to more abuse on him but he is cool with that.

Back To Tonight

This preview of tonight's game as got a bit side tracked. In politics I learned from the recent elections that is called going off message. So let's get back to our message of Sixers and Raptors. This is a chance for the Raptors to get back on message as a team. The Raptors proved on opening night that they are better, they need to show that again. They need to keep that intense attitude they brought with them to Boston and bring that home to the ACC.

I don't like to make many predictions in this blog. I only do when I think I am going to be right. This one is so simple and obvious to me so I am throwing it out there. Bosh will have a huge night. He is going to want to erase all that talk of his off night in Boston. He had been on such a roll heading into that game. In my view he was playing the best basketball of his career. I have made a lot of talk about him being an M.V.P type player and if he is that he will respond with a big game tonight.

So why are the Sixers not who the media thought they were?

I think it is the same reasons that I have said the Raptors are going to take time to grow with the new look they have. When you add a new player that needs touches it throws off what you did before. The Sixers need to find a way that Brand and Iguodala can share touches and scoring chances. In addition the Sixers need a guy that can make some 3 point shots. If they were not division rivals the Sixers and Raptors could make good trading partners. A Jason Kapono type player would be a nice fit on the Sixers. They just don't have a guy night in and night out that can make a 3 point shot and that is a problem.

Basketball has changed to the point that if you can not make 3 point shots you are going to have to work much harder to get wins the way the game is played today. The days of just being able to score inside with no other options is over. So the Sixers need to find a way to get more production from the outside. If they are able to find a guy or two that can make those shots they will be looking a lot better. The problem is who is that guy and if they don't have him how do they get him. It is not unlike the Raptors need for a slashing and scoring player on the wing. It is not easy to figure a way to fill these holes.

Final Thoughts

So the Raptors will look to keep the Sixers looking for answers and I would expect we will see them challenge the Sixers to make three point shots by playing zone defense a lot. It was effective in Philly and I think it can be again. Just for my own personal sanity I am hopeful for a win. It is always amazing to me the major mood swings that this fan base goes through. The Raptors are a good team looking to be a great team. They are not there yet but they are working hard to make it there. Will a trade be part of that? I think so but understand that despite the rumour mill that you read this team will not make a move in haste. That is not the way Bryan Colangelo works. If he did Andrea Bargnani would have been moved long before now. Which some may say would not have been a bad thing. However Bargnani is at least showing signs and even if he was traded now. The fact he has shown those signs gives you a bit of a bump in the value he may have for another team.

So Raptor Rewind tonight and let's hope I am talking about big bounce back win.


  1. Perhaps your resume would like to speak for itself when it come to writing about sports in general. People like you who lack the knowledge in journalism and create "blogs" as a means to feel important. Stick to reading my columns not writing about them.

  2. O.K first off I seriously doubt this is actually Dave Feschuk. Because people in the actual media would not be worried about what a blogger like me has to say.

    That being said I as it said in this blog Feschuk has a job with the Star and is doing a good job in their view. The type of writing he does I do not enjoy and have ever right to say that. If he can rip Sam Mitchell I can rip him all he ever does is write stuff that stirs up stuff and rarely has anything positive to say.

    I also would point out that Doug Smith, Eric Smith, Micheal Grange and a number of others write blogs as well so I wonder why that is. There are very few people in the Raps media I do not enjoy and many I have talked with and are great folks. I respect them and I don't him when all is said and done.

  3. lol Dave Feschuk...like he would take time leaving comments on blogs

  4. My thoughts exactly. By the way I did some homework. Our Dave Feschuk lives in Kingston that is one heck of a drive to work each day.

    Anyway it was too funny not to post. Normally I leave out the stupid(And Fake) but I had to post that one.

  5. The Raptors bench is being exposed for not having enough scoring, rebounding or NBA point guard experience. Instead of focussing on Mitchell so much, lets focus on the former Executive of the Year and look at the team he has assembled. It leaves a lot to be desired right now, and one significant injury to a key player, well fuggetaboutit!