Dino Nation Blog Team Up With The Score.Com

Finally Your Big Announcement Is Here

This is what I have been talking about. The Dino Nation Blog has not joined the World Wrestling Federation. We have joined The Score.Com Sports Federation. This is a group of blogs that have partnered up with The Score to work together to hopefully have a long and successful relationship. I have said long before this offer came along that The Score was the best place for basketball fans. I wrote about it and meant every word. So when the chance came along to be involved with them it seemed to be the perfect thing for the Dino Nation Blog. The advertisers on the site will allow the Dino Nation Blog to be a real way to build a career out of this for the Dino Blogger. So if you want to support the blog and the people that advertise here it would be great of you to do that.

But this is not just about that. At least not for me. I see this as more and a chance to help grow this blog to exciting new levels. I hope it can lead to establishing more guests to come visit us all. I also plan to keep all of our old guests if there are willing to visit. In fact that was my first question when this came my way. I wanted to make sure all of my guests could still be part of the Dino Nation Blog. If the answer had not been yes, I am not making this announcement. In fact for this blog and all the other blogs that are part of this federation we all still have complete control of our content. I don't know this for a fact but I think that is the idea from The Score's point of view. Giving folks like me a stage to compete on. The independent blogger has to struggle to get people to read their work and face a lot of challenges along the way. But this is a way for a large amount of people to become aware of the Dino Nation Blog and other blogs like it.The Federation is not just basketball blogs. In fact to this point Dino Nation Blog is only 1 of 2 that are. There is also a number of hockey blogs, and couple baseball ones, as well as a blog focused on the CIS. That is the Canadian Universities in which The Score also gives great coverage too. So I welcome you to check out all these other blogs as well. You can do that by going up to the top of the site were there is a drop down list with links to all the blogs that make up this federation.

I am not going to get to much into the blog and it's history to this point. Next week is going to be the blog's one year anniversary so I am going to save a lot of that for that day. But this blog has come so far in such a short time it has really exceeded all of my goals and expectations when it started. I have taken great joy in getting to know a lot of you that read this blog. I value that very much. I am always going to do my best to still do that. No matter how big this blog may become, each and every person that reads it will matter to me. I will do my best to always answer and respond to everyone. This moment is not just about my hard work that I put into this blog. It is about all of you too. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten messages from people saying how much they enjoy what I am doing and have an encouraging word to keep up the work I am doing. On some days you need to hear that and it never gets old. One of the things I have always tried to express is that I want this to be more than something you read. I want it to be a community for folks that love basketball and the Raptors. The Dino Nation was based on that idea. Whenever I interview anyone I not only thank them for myself but for all of you. In one of my most recent interviews there was a post thanking me for the interview. I responded saying I only take half of the thanks. The other half belongs to the person I was interviewing. From Jack Armstrong to Lexi Haslam and everyone else that has been kind enough to talk to this blog. It takes them being willing to do it.

What exactly this will lead to for the Dino Nation Blog is really any ones guess. I have some ideas but I will keep them to myself as I don't want to build up any false expectations. But I think the fact that this blog has become a part of a pretty selective group speaks to the level of work and support it has. This is a big deal to me and I hope if you have been a reader of this blog, for any amount of time, it will be for you as well. This blog that you might have found on Facebook or on places like Raptors Forum or Real G.M is now partnered with a major media player in Canada. That is something that is really amazing. The Score deserves a lot of credit for coming up with concept. The person who has worked to put this altogether is Scott Carefoot. You may all know from the Raptor Blog. He is also now working at The Score and this is his doing. He was the one that approached me with this offer that I was happy to accept. I thank him for the opportunity and The Score. Some people may look at this and say that the Dino Nation Blog has made it to the big time. I look at it and see it as a great new challenge that I am ready to take on. But in taking that on it will still require your support. I am confident that this will be a move that will benefit everyone and make the Dino Nation Blog grow and expand to exciting new levels.

If you have just found this blog. I personally want to welcome you. I am James Borbath the Dino Blogger and I hope you will enjoy what the Dino Nation Blog is. A place for people that love the Raptors and Basketball to come together and share in that experience with other people like them. I do my best to cover the Raptors in a way that is entertaining and hopefully interesting. I hope you will enjoy it and become part of the growing population of the Dino Nation.

There will be an official press release about this tomorrow morning and it will explain this whole concept. But this was my take on it from my perspective. I hope everyone will be happy with this and are going to enjoy this new exciting era for the Dino Nation Blog. This is Day One of that new era. So Thanks to everyone that has made this possible I am very grateful to have this chance and I plan on making the most of it.


  1. Welcome to the Federation James.

    I'm not sure if we'll be doing many Canadiens/Raptors combined projects together, but you never know.


  2. Congrats again James .... couldn't happen to harder working Raptors blogger.

    All the best with this future endeavor. :)

  3. New to the blog, came over from Down Goes Brown, another member of the "Federation." Got you in the RSS reader now, am a huge Raps fan myself. Look forward to reading. Cheers.

  4. Hey James, good to see this happen to you, all the best from T.O. Sports and The Captain

  5. Thanks now you can e-mail me and we can talk about how this works for you folks at T.O Sports.