Raptors Give It Away In Orlando

Who is Will Solomon? Was he the guy that had a double double on Sunday, or is the guy we saw last night who was turning the ball over and getting burned by Jameer Nelson. The game last night was the type of thing I feared would happen on Sunday. Roko Ukic actually looked better than Will Solomon last night. It all leads back to a point I made just a couple days ago. Jose Calderon is the most important Raptor. Chris Bosh played out of his mind last night and it was still not a enough. The Raptors were just making to many mistakes and that were directly related to the play from the point guard position. So the bottom line of all of it is get well soon Jose your Raptors need you.

Sam Mitchell Under The Fans Fire

Raptor fans are very upset and that is understandable. All the same things that happen when the Raptors lose games are happening. Sam Mitchell is under fire again and taking heat. Sure Sam is responsible for his team but playing without Jose Calderon against a Magic team that was on a serious roll heading into this game is not something that coaching itself could have changed. It is the typical way things have been. The Raptors beat the Heat playing short handed and Sam gets little to no credit for that. But every lose is always laid at his feet. All I am saying is that if you are going to blame Sam for a lose that is fine. But you also need to be prepared to give him credit for a win. The one thing I have always respected about Sam is that he will not let his team or himself use any injury as an excuse for a loss.

Chris Bosh Is A Beast

In a game like that many players would have just gave up and letdown. There was another game to play the next night. Save some energy and move on to the next one. That is not the way that Chris Bosh thinks or plays. He goes hard and always has. That is the core difference from a Vince Carter and a Chris Bosh. That effort that burns inside of Bosh. It never did for Vince. I just respect how Chris Bosh just refuses to accept losing and will bust his butt and do all the he can to avoid it. If there is anyone still out there that does not think Chris Bosh is a franchise player, and part of the NBA elite level of stars, I don't know what to say. You just don't see what I am seeing. There are a lot of so called franchise players that I would pass on for Chris Bosh. His attitude and skill are just fantastic. He never settles and is always looking to expand his game and get better. He will be the best player ever in this franchise history and I am confident in saying that. As frustrated and angry as the fans get. I am willing to bet that Chris Bosh is even more disappointed and more frustrated. He gives everything he has to be a winner on a nightly basis and he is the first to point the finger at himself is he has an off night. Chris Bosh is having a great year personally but the thing that matters most to him is that his team is only 5-5. That is the way it should be.

Announcement Delay

I really want to say I am sorry that I was not able to make the announcement that was planned for last night. There were a few issues that needed to be looked after. These were nothing to do with me and not of my control. I feel like a kid who just got told Christmas is going to be a day later. O.K it may not be that bad. But this issues are being taken care of and everything should be ready to roll just a little later. I guess I could have just kept quiet and not mentioned a date but I wanted you all to share in the excitement leading up to this event. But you will already notice a few changes. We now have some ads and that is part of this announcement. It will all become clear and I will explain it all from my perspective and what I hope it will all mean for the blog.

Miami Been A Long Time

The Raptors will at least be well aware of tonight's opposition. They just played the Heat this past Sunday. Some things for the Raptors to be aware of. Shawn Marion was awful in Toronto and he should be better tonight at least you would hope so if you are a supporter of the Miami Heat. Also Dwyane Wade really was coming on near the end of that game. If not for getting a bit banged up he may have been able to lead an amazing comeback. Last but not least. Miami did not shoot the ball well from 3 point range. If the Raptors think it will happen again that would be a mistake. Perimeter defense is always a concern and the Raptors must respect the people that are shooters on this Heat team.

More Matt Tomorrow

It has been really busy with games going on and working on these other issues. But the rest of my conversation with Matt Devlin will be up for you enjoyment tomorrow. Vince Carter, Jason Kapono, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and a number of other things are covered in that part of the interview. So I look forward to bringing that to you tomorrow.

Raptors Rewind will be in effect tonight and hopeful there is a Jose Calderon return to talk about and A Raptor win. There is a real chance for the Raptors to make some ground in the standings if they take advantage of it. They will have their first major home stand of the season after tonight starting with the Nets on Friday.


  1. Bosh was amazing last night. Couldn't help but make me think of T-Mac on the Magic, putting up amazing numbers on a bad team. Now the Raptors are NOT a bad team, but without Calderon out there last night, they were lost.

  2. I don't believe Jose will be available for tonight's game James. :(

    Will better pull up his socks tonight and not have a repeat performance from last night.

  3. True, I did write this early this morning so his status was not known. Will Solomon needs to shake it off and get back on the horse. Here is hoping he can. Thanks for the comment doc. for those who don't know Doc does a great job over at Raptors Forum and is my head of PR over there. Well maybe not but he does a great job promoting all of us fine folks in the blogging community

    So big thanks


  4. I was apparently wrong ... Jose is playing tonight after all. :)

  5. Hey being wrong about good things is not a bad thing.

    Quick get me the fortune cookie people on the phone!!!