The Time To Be Concerned Is Here

Well, Chris Bosh's new Video on You Tube is funny. That is about the only positive I can come up with. Beyond that it was a awful night at the ACC. The Raptors start to this game was unacceptable and poor. I mean it did not take a brain doctor to know that Philly would come out hard as they needed a win. But the Raptors came out flat as they have far to often. It would only get worse from there. Jose Calderon would get injured and he would try to return only to be forced to leave again. If that made the injury worse that was not a wise choice. Some how I don't think we will ever know if it did. The shame was the Raptors got great efforts from Bosh, O'Neal and Bargnani. The 3 Raptor bigs all good to great nights. But let's face it the only question on every ones mind is will Jose play on Sunday. Here is what Calderon said about it himself after the game.

Jose Calderon-"No, I am looking forward to that. This is the first time that we have three or four days off. I want to be there on Sunday so let’s see how I wake up tomorrow, hopefully everything is feeling much better but I want to be on the court Sunday for sure."-Raptors.Com

Why Jose Is Most Important Raptor

So how Jose Calderon is this morning we will have to wait and see. But here is the problem for the Raptors. If he pushes through and tries to play and he is not really able to do so, the risk of a worse injury is a real concern. I had said before this all started that even an injury to Chris Bosh would be less of a concern than if there was one for Jose Calderon. The Raptors just can not be effective on offense with Solomon and Ukic at this point. If Bosh was out you still have a nice duo of Jermaine and Andrea. Sure that might cause a bit of a drop off but it would be something that could be fought through. However no Jose is like taking away the brain or head of this Raptor offense. Solomon has been referenced as a veteran but he is not in this league and is no where close to experienced in the NBA. While Ukic is a rookie in the true sense and really is miles away from being ready. He still has a ton to learn and is not shooting the ball at an NBA level.

Options Are Not Avaliable

As we have been talking about it is not easy for the Raptors to make any kind of moves to fix things. If there was cap space you can bet the Raptors would be hard at work looking for an experienced back-up point guard. This was a clear sign to be concerned that Jose Calderon is not Superman. He can not be forced into the huge amounts of minutes that are being dumped on him. But the problem is just like wanted to improve on the wing the Raptors have few chips to deal and no cap room to play with. Well next to none. So it really makes you concerned on what can actually be done. The answer may be nothing. Which will make this entire season a case of holding your breath at every little pained expression that comes across Jose Calderon's face. The Raptors have only 13 on the roster and every injury becomes a concern. Nathan Jawai is still in limbo with a heart issues that could end his career before it starts in a worst case scenario. Even Kris Humphries having a sprained toe. It all adds up to less numbers and less options for Sam Mitchell. Bryan Colangelo has set up this situation and it is up to Sam to make it work some how. Many are saying that Sam is not getting that done. I can't argue that point. The way this team started last night before Jose's injury is Sam's responsibility. The players should share in that blame as they need to start out playing better.

Time To Re-Group

The Raptors thankfully have some time to get all of this sorted out. They do not hit the floor again till Sunday Afternoon. They will know if they will have Jose or not. They will also get 2 good days of practice in before facing Miami. So there can be no excuses for not having time to get these things figured out. It will not be a question of not having time to prepare because they will have that.

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That is about it for today. Lots of time for talking with the Raptors time off. I will close by reminding you all to tune in for HOOPS on the Fan590 and Raptors T.V. As always the Dino Blogger will be calling in to talk with Eric, Paul and Jack. I encourage you folks to do the same. Hoops is a part of my Thursday night and has been long before there was a Dino Nation Blog.

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  1. This is a stretch, but the "cliched" be careful what we all wish for in 2008 till mid 2010 is upon the Raps if you want to go ahead and trade who ever-the-hell we can for a legit SF or fire the coach.
    Will our "traded SF" actually make a difference, in regarding who it is? Will firing the coach and getting a new one mid-season create the "Cito Gaston Effect" like the 2008 Jays and breathe life into the "underachievers" and actually have a playbook and decent Defensive effort?
    Well I want these all to happen for only reasons of fun and entertainment in our fanbase, but with regards to pleasing Chris Bosh to stay with us after 2010 will make this whole thing uncertain....it all takes wins... All I can say is at least Colangelo is much more capable and qualified than JP Retarded.