More On Raps and Magic With Matt Devlin

Matt Devlin checks in from Florida with his thoughts on tonight's game Raptors and Magic.We talk about the Big 3 Line-Up, Status of Jose Calderon, Bosh and Howard's friendship and on court rivalry among the topics we get into. There is more from Matt to come in the coming days. But for today the focus is the Raptors and Magic is an XL edition of the Starting 5.

Matt Devlin On Raps and Magic

We are always lucky to have guests dropping by. If you want to hear some of the stuff from the past hear check it out:

Thanks for listening and reading and see you tonight with the Raptors Rewind. Actually one last thing that I forgot to mention this morning before I go. I was asked to take part in a group of bloggers having their say on the M.V.P and R.O.Y races through out the year. So check out the first edition of these rankings from a number of great bloggers from around the NBA:

Blogger M.V.P and R.O.Y Ranking Version 1.0

Now I am done till tonight and Raptors Rewind. Have a great day folks

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