The DNB Staff Meeting

This is a new feature where I talk with our DNB staffers Anas and Danielle. To kick this thing off we have both in the house for this first episode and we talk both Raptors and NBA. But before we get to those conversations just wanted to mention the DNB's mention in the Toronto Star. I was one of a number of folks quoted in an article on Bosh and his infamous tweets. Scott Carefoot from Raptor Blog is also quoted in it as well. Thanks to him for making me aware of this and thanks to Anas who found an online link to it. If you still have a copy of the Toronto Star from Saturday it was on page 2 of the insight section. This is the 2nd time the Dino Nation Blog has made it in the Toronto papers. I was quoted in an article on the TSN2 mess from last season in The Globe & Mail. Hopefully stuff like this inspires the troops both the staff and you folks that read.

So with that said let's hear from our staffers with their thought on the Raptors and NBA. We will lead off with Anas and myself chatting NBA Playoffs from last night as the Suns were putting the final touches on a sweep of the Spurs.

Now here is Danielle talking some Raps with me.

Here is more Raps talk with myself and Anas.

Now to close this off the newest person I know on Twitter Danielle De Graauw talking on the NBA.

Thanks to Danielle and Anas for taking time to talk with me and we will keep these going moving forward so you can hear from my staff in addition to just me all the time.


  1. I read a rumor on a New Orleans site for Andrea, Calderon, Banks and are 1st rounder for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor, DinoBlog can you confirm. 1592

  2. Had not heard that rumour as there is a million out there. I do like that deal if it was legit. But sadly most of these tend to be just people talking or stuff floated by folks with an agenda. There is as mentioned in these podcasts a rumour that see Calderon go with Bosh to L.A. As hard as it is you end up just having to wait for the truth for your answers.