The Tweet Heard Round The NBA.

Before it was hip and cool to be on Twitter Chris Bosh was already on there. He has been a trend setter in social media. He seldom uses the medium as he once did, but this weekend for the first time in awhile he was tweeting and everyone paid attention. In case you have been living under a rock, or happen to be part of that half of the world not on Twitter here is what he said.


Been wanting to ask. Where should I go next season and why?

About 30 minutes later he changed the question


Ok... Let me rephrase the question. Should I stay or should I go?

This got everyone talking so much, it even got a mention with the newly crowned 2 time M.V.P, who made news with Raptor fans for his comments about the Raptors. The Bosh tweet was mentioned and James was asked what he thought about it. He didn't think much of it, but went on to say how much he respected Bosh and kept door wide open on his own future, and the idea of playing with Bosh. Chris was obviously watching, because he had this to say not long after that interview.

@Chrisbosh My first time making ESPN or ABC this year! Thank you Mr. Wilbon and Mr. James.

This is a not so subtle mention of the Raptors lack of television coverage in the United States. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what Bosh has done with these tweets. I respect Chris and have for the most part have always supported him in this blog. If the goal of this was to get attention it is mission accomplished. But is anyone foolish enough to believe that what people on Twitter and what they say is going to make a difference? I mean if it honestly does, than Chris Bosh is not the intelligent person that I know he is. Bosh has always left it out there that he has not made up his mind about his future for next season. But he said in his exit interview that this was a decision that was about winning and having the chance to win a championship. Not about Twitter. Also if you believe as most do that Chris has made up his mind at least in terms of staying or going from Toronto. Isn't this just a bit on the cruel side, or at least insensitive side for Bosh to do this?

Bosh had handled this season with a great deal of class and intelligence. However this may turn out to be his "Vince Carter Moment" in terms of his leaving. If Bosh does leave after this twitter appeal to fans will those fans who did respond and want him to stay not be pissed? I am banking that they will and Bosh may hear it when he does return to Toronto. I just don't understand why bother doing it unless as I mentioned it is a simple attention grab.

Bosh on the court has been a stand out in his time here. It is a shame if his legacy ends up reduced to a couple silly things said on Twitter. It would be kind of ironic if Bosh the king of social media, had it come back and bite him in the butt. It may have got the attention it was after but it also rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way. Also, if Bosh wants people to take his real desire to win seriously, doing stunts like this do not exactly help in that regard. Lebron James isn't on Twitter and he is also a 2 time M.V.P, and may be on his way to his first title, time will tell. However, the point is James while no doubt a fixture off the court as well as on it, still comes off as a guy that cares about winning and getting a ring. Some may feel that Bosh is not and point to things like this as proof of that.

I am not saying that Chris doesn't feel the exact same way as Lebron. However to take something that is ultimately a huge choice in his career, and where it is heading, and turn it into a topic on Twitter takes away from that. Chris seemed to find it annoying that it was always a topic of fans attention to ask him where he is going. He had said the fact he was asked about it constantly was frustrating. Well he gave the impression at least. Just like the line about ABC/ESPN, Chris sometimes will say things without saying them.

I have always thought of Chris as a highly intelligent person and what he has accomplished on and off the floor is proof of that. This is a move that doesn't seem to have been that. Where Chris Bosh lands, if it is anywhere but Toronto, this is a move that people will remember. If Bosh did nothing, I feel that majority of folks would have accepted his leaving and understood it was business and not personal. However, by this appeal to seek out public opinion from his fans or followers has made this personal. People often wonder why people still hate Vince Carter in Toronto? The answer is simple, he made it personal and fans have never forgiven him and most never will.

I had always had the impression that Bosh watched how that went down and came to the conclusion that was not going to be him. Well fans may never hate Chris in those terms but he has opened the door to people being hurt. Some fans want to believe against logic that some how Chris Bosh will come back next season. Every action of late suggests that he is likely as good as gone.

I always hope that I am wrong and that Chris will be back with the Raptors and everything will work out. But that is something that seems a far off fantasy that has no touch with reality. See that is the trick to doing this. I really am a fan of Chris, that being said I owe it to myself and you people to look at things objectively. It can be hard to separate those but it is possible to do.

Is there ever really a way a divorce can be good? In terms of just it's nature it is admission of failure. In any divorce there is always 3 sides to it. There is the 2 parties involved, and their versions, along with the truth. The Raptors have made their mistakes to lead to this point. So has Chris. This one on twitter might be one that sticks with him after he gone. Maybe more to the point it may stick with fans.

Which is really sad to me. I think Chris has always cared about his fans and I think it has been a two way street. It is hard to watch your favourite player move on. Be it intentionally or unintentionally Chris Bosh has added to that pain for folks. The only way that isn't true is if Bosh has made up his mind and is returning to Toronto. If that is the case give the man an award for acting, because he has earned it. Every sign and every action seems to point in the opposite direction.

Personally I will always like Chris beyond his playing days here in Toronto. I wish him well and all the best. I still can't help but be a bit disappointing in him over this one. I just don't see the logic or sense in doing it. Especially when you consider he had handled himself in a professional way the entire season. Whatever you care to make of it, these "Tweets" had an impact and will lead to a wide range of opinions and this was mine.

I hope that my thoughts on the long term impact of this is wrong. However given the way things go in Toronto would it surprise anyone if Bosh comes back to boos in some other jersey to be determined? It is a long summer and if it goes the way as expected who know what other things are to come? It is almost impossible to pull off this trick. To leave, and not offend or upset people is hard thing to pull off. Chris Bosh came close to pulling it off.

If Bosh does stay he can have the last laugh at how everyone said he was gone. That clearly isn't the direction he seems to be heading in.


  1. I think we're overanalyzing it at this point. Maybe it was just a lapse in judgement, maybe he was really just trying to see what sort of reaction he'd get from Raptors fans. Maybe he's looking for people to cry out for him to stay. I don't know what he was thinking, none of us do, but I think we should be giving him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant no harm. He absolutely has been very professional about the situation, and played hard all season. Personally, I appreciate that very much and am willing to overlook this type of thing.

    Really, what this tells me is that he's considering leaving (and at this point, I think that's warranted) but is having a hard time accepting the idea of playing for any other fans. We'll see what happens, but if I had a twitter account I would have said "Chris Bosh please stay" and forgotten about the whole thing.

  2. Hey James I have to agree I think we are over analyzing the Chris Bosh tweet. I mean social media is the way and people try to reach out that way. He probably wants to see if Toronto fans really want him to stay. I do not think he will soley base it on tweets from fans. It must be really hard from him beause Toronto fans love and accept him as a player off and on the court. the other part is that Management has not given him the proper peices to surround him.

  3. Until it reached national T.V and the 3rd tweet I was with you that it isn't really that big a deal. However that made it a bigger deal. Also for fans that do respond and are blinded by hope that Chris will stay I think as I stated it is cruel for those folks.

  4. It isn't Chris' fault the media blows things up though. I guess I can't argue that it's a bigger deal now that it's so public, but that's hardly his fault. Perhaps he should know better by now, but I'm standing by my "give him the benefit of the doubt" comment.

    While I don't feel I'm "blinded" by hope that he'll stay, I feel like it's possible. He clearly has an affinity for the city and I think the fans are a big reason to stay. I also think everyone is saying the Hedo contract is awful too quickly, one bad season doesn't mean there are 4 more coming. Maybe he'll just sign a shorter deal, say 1-3 years, to give the organization a chance. On paper it still looks like a good team. I refuse to say I strongly believe he'll leave or stay. I'd love if we could stop speculating and wait to see what happens.

  5. If you fire a gun and it is not aimed at anyone but bounces off a garbage can and hits someone you are still responsible because you fired the weapon. You are responsible for what you put out with your name attached to it.

    Signing a shorter deal is not even an option. Given the fact the NBA collective agreement comes to an end the following off-season(2011-12) There is no way that a player will do that given that great unknown unless he is forced to do so. Which Chris is clearly not.

    The Hedo contract is bad based on his age and the amount of basketball he plays in the off-season for Turkey. Lastly I was thinking more of younger people in terms of the comment being blinded by hope. I think adults should know better and accept the reality how it plays out or at least should.

  6. I never claimed he has no responsibility in this, I'm just claiming that it's being blown out of proportion. You make a good point about shorter contracts, it was just a thought though. I will continue to disagree that the Hedo contract is that bad, we'll see who's right in a season or 2 :).

    Now, I'm falling into the category of overanalyzing this thing, so this will be my last comment on this blog. I'm liking this dinonation blog now that I've started paying more attention to it though. Keep up the good work :)

  7. Yes normally it is not always Hard Hitting Twitter breakdowns. Glad you are enjoying it and thanks for reading.

  8. I don't like that we exist in a reality where these tweets qualify as "controversial"