DNB's Triple Double #3

It is Friday the king is dead. Chris Bosh spotlight in the free agent spotlight is now over. Now the entire big 3 of free agency are available. While Rajon Rondo and Celtics move on to face Dwight Howard and the Magic. Also Steve Nash has time for his eye to heal and Kobe for his whole body to do the same before they hook up in game 1 of Western Conference Finals. So let's get started with the triple double.

2010 Free Agent Insanity.

  • 10. Now Lebron James has a chance to consider a New York Strip Club (Scores) offer of free lap dances for life.
  • 9. Chris Bosh had his 10 minutes as the belle of the ball and now he goes back to being the best Robin in the world to D-Wade or James in the role of Batman.
  • 8. Kobe is not available in 2010 and is not unhappy about it.
  • 7. Joe Johnson is counting all the money he lost in the Magic/Hawks series.
  • 6. Is the Matt Bonner Era over in San Antonio? Apparently the Tony Parker era isn't or at least he doesn't want it to be.
  • 5. Boston Fans are dumb. Newsflash if Lebron joins the Knicks he will be playing you 4 times a year and you pissed him off....Smart...No Tommy Points for you.
  • 4. Mike Woodson and Mike Brown will be free agents to but not as highly sought after as the players they coached.
  • 3. If you really want to win free agents I have 3 letters for you....O....K....C
  • 2. Where Lebron goes others will follow.
  • 1. A King with no ring is still worth a Max Contract and is a franchise changer. Just look at Cleveland next season if he leaves for evidence.

10 (funny) reasons to Cheer For Steve Nash

  • 10. He doesn't have a helicopter.
  • 9. He plays Basketball with Canadian Grit.
  • 8. He could have been a free agent but he was too cool for that
  • 7. If you are above 30 he is your hero or should be
  • 6. Because you are a Santa Clara Broncos fan.
  • 5. Because you can never be the King but maybe you can be Steve Nash.
  • 4. Dime Drops that will blow your mind.
  • 3. Because Bill Wennington is kind of like Matt Bonner winning a ring (No Offense)
  • 2. So Kobe can Blame Canada
  • 1. So Leafs fans can cheer for him instead of the Habs.

10 things to do while you wait for July 1st.

  • 10. Study up for the NBA draft.
  • 9. Take up Hot Yoga (By the way is there a cold Yoga?)
  • 8. Plan your fantasy draft strategy for next season
  • 7. Create your own NBA Rumours....Lebron to the Pacers...No on has that one.
  • 6. The World Cup is on. Cheer some country on you don't live in.
  • 5.Start a Twitter Campaign to #BRINGBACKBONNER.
  • 4. Be like Andrea and improve your video game skills
  • 3. Go out with your camera phone and interview an athlete at a restaurant then apply to TMZ Sports for a job
  • 2. Build your own Helicopter to fly to work everyday.
  • 1. Learn about Team Canada the World Championships are coming.

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