On The List For A Monday

So there is a lot of debate over this list and if it actually is real. A report by Chad Ford of ESPN says Bosh had a list of 5 teams he presented to the Raptors that he would consider signing with. The Raptors were on the list along with Chicago, Miami, L.A Lakers and New York. This was denied by Bosh's agent Henry Thomas said no such list was given to the Raptors. He also said he and his client are considering all options and that may even include walking away with no sign and trade. Bryan Colangelo seemed to suggest the Raptors are aware of the teams Bosh would consider.

No one on this list if it was or is real is a surprise. What is also not a surprise is none of these teams have a great package to offer the Raptors. Most favour the Lakers as the best option with a package that would include Andrew Bynum. But when you consider Bynum is looking at off-season knee surgery and has a long injury history, do you really want to go there? It is so hard to figure out what is real in all this mess. However it sure seems to me that the Raptors are not going to do a sign and trade just for the sake of doing one. While the Bosh camp claims they would consider not taking the 30 million dollars and just walking away, I don't believe them. It is a lot harder for Bosh to get back that 30 million dollars than it is for James or Wade.

In short, list or not, this really is just the first of many rumours and alleged stories. Both sides will use the media to float their agenda. So just because a team is not on this magic list doesn't rule them out of the mix. It was also believed that if James were to choose either New York or Chicago that may influence Bosh to come join him in those places. What Bosh story would not be complete with out a twitter angle. He of course had to tweet that the story about this list was not true. My advice to Chris is... you are paying Henry Thomas a lot of cash to do that leave it to him to deal with.

Thomas is also of course the agent for Wade as well and he says the he has not put together any type of meeting with both his clients for them to consider playing together. Although he said that does not mean it would not happen in the future and that the two could obviously talk on their own if they wanted to do so. Thomas at the end of the day will be a popular guy leading up to July 1st.

Brown Out Again

In other news a rumour has now become reality in Cleveland. If Lebron James returns to the Cavs he will have a new head coach. Mike Brown who the day after the Cavs were knocked out by the Celtics had been reportedly fired now is. Brown joins a long list of former Coach of The Year winners on the unemployment line. I would think Brown is not likely to get a job even though a lot of openings are out there. He clearly got out coached by Doc Rivers and he suffers from the fact he had the best player in the game to coach. Which greatly devalues anything he accomplished in Cleveland. What he failed to accomplish was a championship and that is why he has been shown the door. Lebron also failed to get that done and he will still be the top free agent in the world. Life isn't fair I suppose for coaches. Even Phil Jackson is rumored to have to take a pay cut next year should he return to the Lakers? Phil Jackson deserves every dime he makes. In terms of Brown his next head coaching job is likely not is his near future.

Toronto Needs James

The Toronto Raptors need to get James. You thought I meant Lebron? Come on now... that is not happening. No the James the Raptors should consider, played for the Texas Longhorns and would be available for the Raptors at the 13th pick. This is assuming that the Raptors will keep this pick. Damion James could be an answer for the Raptors on the wing to add to the young core of Weems and DeRozan. He was the leader on his Texas squad that stormed out of the gate in the NCAA this year to be ranked #1. The Longhorns would struggle and eventually free fall out of the rankings. However James was always a guy that gave good effort on both sides of the ball. He is an athlete and can score the basketball. In looking at the various mock drafts James would be a bit of a reach for the Raptors. However I like him a lot more than some of the other options they have for the Raptors at that spot. The reality is that anyone you are taking at 13 is a bit of a gamble. I think with James it is far less of one and you know what you get in him. Here is his bio and judge for yourself.

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend and be safe out there. I will be liveblogging Game 4 of Magic and Celtics tonight for The Score. Magic need to watch how the Suns played last night. That is how you play when you need a win. Magic failed to answer the bell in game 3 of their series and now face the NBA's version of mission impossible. No team has every come back from 3-0 down in NBA playoff history. I do not expect the Magic to be the first.


  1. The fact he can rebound has me sold.

  2. Toronto is going to hate Bosh nest year, when he leaves.

  3. your a joke dino blog. Man up and tell everyone you loved the bargnani and turko signings.

  4. Go search the dates of the signings and show me how I raved about them....Go ahead...oh wait you won't find it because it doesn't exists. So before you go throwing insults around check your facts.