Starting 5 with TNT and Raptors Broadcaster Matt Devlin

Matt Devlin made the playoffs even if the Raptors didn't. He worked for TNT and covered the post season for the first 2 rounds for them. We talk about the playoffs some. But we also talk about free agency and Bosh, James and Wade. In addition some conversation on the future of the Raptors "Young Guns". Matt offers his takes on all of these topics and his surprises from the post season. It is always great talking with Matt and we have a lot of fun. Matt now gets to enjoy some time with his family after the long grind of another NBA season. That being said it could be a long and busy off-season for all as this free agency season and draft before that plays out. Matt comments on the challenge that lies ahead for Bryan Colangelo. It was a very interesting conversation and it has always been fun talking with Matt for the past 2 years with him. He did a great job for TNT in the playoffs and that speaks to how respected he is beyond Toronto. So have a listen as Matt and myself talk some ball.

Thanks as always to Matt for his time and as we mentioned at the end the Raptors draft future will be decided along with the other non-playoff teams tomorrow night with the New Jersey Nets with the best odds of winning. John Wall, Evan Turner and DeMarcus Cousins are the top 3 prospects for a lot of folks.


  1. Why would anyone read you? You laughed at my comment on your live blog last year when I said the signings of Bargnani and Turkoglu would sink the raptors. You guys wanted to kick me out! Get some insight and quit being a homer fraud.

  2. See that is the nice thing about a blog. You can refer back and if you do that it will clearly show I was not a fan of the Hedo contract or the Bargnani contract. As for the live blog you are referring to I have never kicked out anyone based on an opinion ever be it here or @The Score.

    I don't consider the Dino Nation Blog to be anything like a homer type blog. Do I want the Raptors to be successful? Yes for many reasons. But that has never stopped me from being objective.

    So that is that. If the comments are directed at Matt he is a guest and I welcome him to be a guest. It would be silly not to take advantage of having guests like him and the others that I do. They offer insight and are around the team more than anyone.

    I guess I am at little unclear on who you meant by you guys. But I don't work for MLSE but work with people from there and am happy to do so.