Draft Work-Outs Underway

The Toronto Raptors have started the process of draft work-outs this week. The first workouts are scheduled to begin Monday morning at the Raptors practice facility at the ACC. Here is a list of who is scheduled to be working out for them today.

Willie Warren
6ft 4 (G) from Oklahoma

Avery Bradley 6 ft 2 (G) from Texas

Gordon Hayward 6 ft 8(F) from Butler

Stanley Robinson 6ft 9 (F) from Connecticut

It will be interesting if we hear any comment from the Raptors on the Hedo Turkoglu matter. Even thought the main purpose will be the incoming players and the draft. We also could get some indication of what the Raptors plans might be based on who comes to town in terms of the draft. Hayward and Robinson are slotted slightly below where the Raptors would select according to Draft Express. While the other 2 are late first round selections according to their mock draft.

Dino Nation Blog will keep you posted with who is expect to be coming in for workouts and keep you in the loop.

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