DNB Top 10 - Things B.C Was Thinking

I am filling in doing the DNB Top 10 while Ryan takes his exams for school. I am sure we all wish him luck with his exams. On to the Top 10 on Monday we heard from Bryan Colangelo here is what he might have been thinking but not saying.

#10- Bryan it is showtime. You can spin 22-60 into a positive I know you can.

#9- I am going try something new and be honest about Andrea Bargnani

#8- Sam Mitchell was such a pain. Jay Triano shares my philosophy in the team that scores the most wins. Sure we talk defence but let's face it chicks dig scoring!!!

#7- At least the Lockout will give me more time to figure this mess out.

#6- If we win the draft lottery I can't make a worse pick than Andrea Bargnani. I just can't can I? No it is not possible.

#5- Demar DeRozan is my only hope. My future is hanging on a kid that is like what 20? Great.

#4- MLSE Board kissed my butt to get me to come here and now they are not giving me my contract extension? What is up with that? I mean is it my fault Chris Bosh is a jerk and a liar?

#3- B.C talk about the Lockout and get fined...I Don't think so.

#2- I hate Michael Jordan he messed up everything. I had Calderon gone and I could have been a hero. People bash me over Bargnani. Hell he is better than Kwame Brown. Yeah take that M.J!!!

#1- If I trade Andrea Bargnani. I bet I can get his Primo Pasta ad. He is one hell of an "ASS"et. But I am B.C and I can trade anyone not named Jose Calderon.

So that is some of the things Bryan Colangelo might have been thinking but probably not. Still it was funny I hope. After this season if we can not have fun and laugh we might have to cry. There is no crying in Basketball. Right Glen Davis....Miami Heat....ok I guess there is.

Later today some more serious stuff as I talk with Ryan Wolstat from the Toronto Sun about the Raptors season and future. Over the next few weeks will be trying to hook up with a lot of of regular guests to look back on the season and look forward. Jack Armstrong, Matt Devlin and others will hopefully all be stopping by.

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