DNB Wishes EVERYONE....Happy April Fools Day

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that the Dino Nation Blog is BACK!!! We were gone for roughly 12 hours but FINAALLLLYY THE DNB HAS COME BACK TO THE INTERNET!!!

Ok so there was no TSN Job there is no closing down of the blog this was all my April's Fools Joke to all of you. It is not to say I would never work there or elsewhere. Someday I may but that day is not April 1st 2011.

This prank I pulled did tell me one thing. How much people love and appreciate what I do and the Dino Nation Blog itself. I know that many of you send me kind messages wishing me well and none of those were a joke they were all heart felt and made me smile. I really truly am grateful for all of you that support myself and the Dino Nation Blog.

I hope no one is truly upset by this. In a Raptor season that has not had a lot of fun, let's be honest, this was a way to have some fun with all of you. I still am always looking to further what I a doing. But for the record where ever I go and whatever I do it will always be a priority of mine to keep the Dino Nation Blog alive. It means that much to me and all of you mean that much to me.

So thank you all and I hope I have been able to give you a good laugh and make you smile. That was the intention of this little stunt and nothing more than that.


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