The We Lost Our Stars Bowl III

Yes the we got screwed by South Beach Series coming to a close tonight in Toronto. The Raptors have already won this series with a 2-0 lead with wins of 101-81 in Toronto on October 29th and in Cleveland on January 5th winning 120-105. But if you consider the entire package the Cavs have beat the South Beach Heat 102-90 in Cleveland. Raptor will have one last chance to do that a week from today.

The Basics: Cavs 16-61 (3-7 in last 10) Raptors 21-56 ( 3-7 in last 10)

When Last We Saw Them: This just in Tony Douglas and Mello just made three pointers. It was won of those epic Raptor failures in the first half that you have gotten all to use too. Andrea Bargnani was back on to disappear again he is the Magician after all. DeRozan got his first career double double to bad the tape of the game will be burned or should be. Knicks started on a 13-0 run and won by the same 13. But to suggest this game was even up the rest of the way would not be a realistic reflection of it.

Key Match-Ups: Let's go old Raptor vs current Raptor. How about a little A.P versus Double D. As mentioned Demar did get numbers last night in NYC and if you can make it there you better damn well make it against the Cavs. A.P is a decent defender at least decent compared to anyone the Raptors have at his spot. Will see how Demar matches up with A.P. Baron Davis is so slow that if Calderon plays even he can stay in front of him. But likely be Bayless and this is a chance for the J-Bay resurrection tour to gain some steam. But please play some D. Also will be interested to see Ed Davis and J.J Hickson get together in this one. Both young and talented should make for a good battle.

Other Things of Note: Even "The Miz" a native of Cleveland has sold out the Cavs. Let's Go to the YouTube Footage:

And just because we are playing the Cavs it is always fun to bust out this video that I am sure is played to potential free agents about coming to the Cavs.

Yes that always makes me smile. People that feel sorry for the Cavs that are Raptor fans I really don't understand you. Who has ever felt sorry for us losing star after star. It makes no sense to feel anything but joy that the Cavs stink. After all without them people might notice that Raptors have not exactly set the world on fire this season. So don't just beat the Cavs. Crush the Cavs and after last night's lacklustre effort in New York fans deserve it. Really? Yes REALLY. For The Cavs to make good on Dan Gilbert's claim to win a title before Lebron James, this would have to be the WWE where even a no talent reality show wanta be can be champion. But this is the NBA and thankfully that doesn't happen here.

Where Is It On?: TSN 2 (No joke today cause I screwed this up in last night's preview. I feel shame so TSN and Sportsnet are off the hook for today)

So that is it and as Jessie The Body Ventura use to say the pleasure was all yours. Least we hope so. Trying to keep it fun with a week to go in the season from hell.

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