Top 10: Raptors Novels (Bonus Edition)

Have you ever wondered what any of the Raptors players will title their novel if they were to write one? Will they relate it to their experience in the NBA or will it be words that described their personality? Let's take a look at some of those titles generated by the kind folks on Twitter, with some contribution from myself and James.

"Defenseless" by Andrea Bargnani

"There's Nothing Wrong with Holding Hands" by Leandro Barbosa

"Money Shot" by Sonny Weems (@edmundrojas)

"One Less Lonely Guy" by Sonny Weems (@jeaarr)

"How To Play Like the Pros: Defense Not Required" by Jay Triano

"Rebounding for Two" by Reggie Evans

"Il Mago's Disappearing Act for Dummies" by Andrea Bargnani (@MegiMK)

"Sonny Who??" by James Johnson

"Quiet Rage" by Jerryd Bayless

"Hell No I Won't Go!!!" by Julian Wright

"How to Steal the Spotlight" by James Johnson (@j1_2_tha)

"The Forgotten Warrior" by Amir Johnson

"Hustle and Heart" by Reggie Evans

"The Art of Rebounding" by Andrea Bargnani

"No Props Needed" by DeMar DeRozan

"Chilling on the Pine" by Alexis Ajinca

"The Master Manipulator" by Bryan Colangelo

Now I'm not sure how many of these books I'll buy if they ended up becoming actual titles, but there are a few that may actually be suitable titles for several players. Thanks for tuning in this week, willbe back next week with more of the DNB's Top 10.

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