DNB Is On Vacation

Greetings folks. I am in bad need of a mental break and need some time to recharge my batteries. Some of you that are close to me know some of the challenges I have been dealing with. Aside from the obvious ones of an uncertain future for the NBA next season. I really need to take a break for me. Ryan is busy with exams for school as well. So it seems like a good time to just take a break for the Dino Nation Blog. So barring any significant Raptor News we will be on Vacation till May the 2nd.

I always appreciate your support of the Dino Nation Blog. In 3 plus years of doing this I never taken an intentional vacation. Due to some technically issues we had to shut down a couple times. But never just to relax and take a break. I hope by taking this time off I can get my energy and enthusiasm for what I do back. It has been a tough few months and I have grinned through them till the end of the season. When we are back Jack Armstrong is scheduled to drop by. So we have that to look forward too. I will probably book a few more guests while taking this break as well. Yeah because anyone that knows me is aware I never truly fully take time off 100%. Also will be doing my Radio stuff on Next Wednesday on CJLO and Back on the air on Team 990 after having this Saturday off.

In Addition to taking a break from the DNB that is also going to include the DNB Twitter Account. I just want to take a complete break. So if you are someone I am close with and have other ways to get a hold of me feel free to use those. But with a few exceptions here and there I am going to be taking time to rest until May 2nd.

Hope people understand this. It is really needed. I could push through like I always do. But I think if I did it would probably not be what is best for me personally and for you the readers. It is Easter Weekend and if you celebrate that holiday enjoy the time with your friends and family and may the Easter Bunny be good to you all.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

James Borbath

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