DNB Is Back

Well were back. Not that basketball or the Raptors are on the minds of most today. Bin Laden is dead and their is an election in this country. Two events that both are of far greater significance than Paul Pierce getting kicked out of a basketball game. More important than OKC laying a huge egg in Game 1 vs the Grizzlies. I would remind you all that what we do here is while important to us, in the grand scheme of life is not. So MLSE are a bunch of idiots and have still not decided the future of Bryan Colangelo. Yes that is frustrating but it does not impact on life to a degree of Wars on Terror or elections. It is important to remember that people have given their lives for you and I to have the right to be free and have the right to vote. So I urge you to not take that right lightly.

Now with that said here are our picks for the second round:

  • Heat vs Celtics - Ryan - Heat in 6, James- Heat in 7

  • Chicago vs Atlanta- Ryan- Chicago in 6, James- Chicago in 4

  • L.A vs Dallas- Ryan- L.A in 6, James- L.A in 5

  • OKC vs Memphis- Ryan- OKC in 6, James- OKC in 5

So that is our picks for round 2. I am not sure what the future holds for us with the impending lockout. But I will do my best to keep this blog alive. I have worked to hard for 3 years plus to just raise a white flag and give up. But the uncertain future for the NBA is a dark cloud that hangs over the future of not just this blog but I would imagine a lot of other blogs and people who make a living covering this league.

I have tried not to think about that dark future that lies ahead but I am just not able to do it. I hope there is a result that will be quick and helpful to the Raptors and the league. But I am highly doubtful that will happen. But good, bad or indifferent we are back. I feel better for having taken a break. It was badly needed.

So go out and vote no matter who you choose to support.

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