Starting 5 Season Wrap with Matt Devlin

It is always a good time to catch up with Matt Devlin and talk some basketball. After the Raptor season was done he hit the road for the playoffs with TNT. So it took awhile to catch up with him but we finally have on NBA Draft Lottery Day. Some thoughts on the Raptors of course. Does Matt think he will see Andrea Bargnani next season in a Raptor uniform. Does he believe this team can play defence with both Jose and Andrea on the floor? Do I have any lucky charms? It is a magically delicious addition of the starting 5. Well maybe not but there is a lot of info and talk of the playoffs sprinkled in throughout. Thoughts on Mavs and the impact Tyson Chandler has had with them instead of here in Toronto as was the plan for the Raptors last off-season. Thoughts on the Raptors last two picks in Demar DeRozan and Ed Davis this and a lot more as we sit down and talk with Matt Devlin. Including an explanation as to why we have that picture of Matt from this season in the Raptors press room. It is always fun to have the play by play voice of the Raptors pay us a visit and always nice to see him to his thing with the folks at TNT for the playoffs. Not as nice as seeing him doing some Raptor Playoff games though.

In case you missed the big news of the Day B.C is back and has 2 year extension with an option for a 3rd year. Scott Carefoot has the news in Raptor Blog on The Score. Our Conversation with Matt happened just prior to this news breaking unfortunately. But we did discuss the future of both B.C and Jay in this interview. Life is timing and sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. It can also be about luck will see how the Raptors luck is tonight. Thanks to Matt for stopping by to talk with us.

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