NBAZ In 7 DayZ - Playoff Edition

Hello all. I apologize had some really life stuff to get done on Friday. Back at it for a new week and will do a little self Q & A talking about mostly the NBA today. So here we go with some Questions and Answers.

Is Phil Jackson Done?

Swept by the Dallas Mavericks and his team coming unglued down the stretch. It just doesn't seem like the ending we expected. Do we really think he is done? He says he is mostly likely done and this is it. If it truly is, it this was a sad ending of the greatest coaching career perhaps ever in the NBA. Many will claim he coached great players and that is why he was successful. But there is a challenge in that. He had a unique system that perhaps only he can truly make work. You would think with all the success his triangle offence had more would have tried it. But there is only one Zen Master to run it. This season we saw Jerry Sloan leave also in a way not fitting his great career. Many do not remember an NBA with out Sloan or Jackson but when we do finally play basketball again the chances are that will be the case.

Heat Check for Miami in Game 4?

It makes sense that Boston won game 3 but now can Miami respond and with game 4 and put the Celtics on the ropes? It will be interesting to see what happens. Rajon Rondo not at 100% is not good news for Boston. Heat will win this series but a win in game 4 will make that road a lot easier. In the playoffs where ever game is made to be bigger than life this is a game for the Heat and Celtics that is massive. Lebron and D-Wade have shown a way to co-exist. For all the haters and doubters the reason these guys came together is the playoffs and this series was suppose to be the final step to the Finals. Expect Miami to answer in game 4 strong.

Mavs... Really?

Is the Mavs label as chokers done? Beat the 2 time defending champs in 4 games straight is more than impressive. It has to be depressing for Raptor fans to watch the Mavs with Tyson Chandler and Peja playing roles. Chandler should have been a Raptor after all. While Peja never played like this with the Raptors. In fact he barely played. But Dirk is looking good and Jason Terry has been a modern day version of Vinnie "Microwave" Johnson from Bad Boy Pistons. Next up is the surprising Grizzlies or the Thunder. Either match-up you would expect the Mavs to be a rather large favourite. Although being the Favourite is not the greatest thing now is it? Ask the Lakers about that.

NBA Player only a Mother could love?

Chris Anderson comes rushing to mind. Wonder if his mom has a tattoo?

Hawks are they a surprise?

Hell yeah. I mean with Kirk out this team was suppose to be the ones swept aside in 4. Someone forgot to tell Jeff Teague that. Seriously who is this guy and what has he done with the really Jeff Teague? While the Bulls are a one trick pony. But Derrick Rose is not running in the Kentucky Derby he is running with the Bulls and he needs a little help. Anyone care to step up and help out the M.V.P please let D.Rose know. BBM....Text...or just show up and play.

Am I Worried About My Thunder?

Nope...ok a little. But I believe in OKC and I personally find it insulting that people think Dallas should be rooting for the Thunder. That is what they were saying on TNT. Well root for them all you like. I am pretty sure the Thunder will be happy to see the Mavs and not Lakers on the other side of this series. Game 4 is important for OKC. They have had leads in this series and need to close out things in games. These Grizzlies are not going away. Spurs are sitting at home because of that. If OKC doesn't want to join them a win in game 4 is vital.

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I love my mom greatly as you all know.

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  1. Stojakovic and Chandler did not belong on the Raptors the past season. Would have been a waste of time and money (as Peja showd us, in a way) on all accounts.