Starting 5 with Paul Jones

It has been awhile since we have been able to catch up with Paul Jones the radio voice of the Toronto Raptors. We talk with Jonesy about a number of topics including the whole Bargnani saga. Is Demar ready to lead this team? How would a lockout impact on Ed Davis? Along with the fact Bryan Colangelo is back and very likely Jay Triano is as well. In addition we talk about the Raptors draft and what they might do? Could they look to bring Tristan Thompson home and challenges that would be involved in doing that. Also we briefly touch on the creation of a Canadian Basketball league. In addition lots of this sprinkled in about what is likely to be a lockout situation for the NBA. Along with some thoughts at the end on the NBA Finals with Miami and Dallas. It is always a great conversation when we have the chance to sit down and chat with Paul. He has always been someone who has not just been a great guest for us here in the Dino Nation Blog but someone who has always shown me support and encouragement and I am grateful for it.

Had a problem embeding this interview in the blog. My apologies so please click on this link and hear the interview on our podcast site.

Paul is off to Miami to take in the NBA Finals and see his brother Mark who does fine work with ESPN covering the NBA and various other things as part of ESPN. The odds that two brothers end up working covering the NBA has to be pretty long. I remember Mark from all the way back to when he worked for TSN. Two harder working people you would be hard pressed to find. It is always great to have Paul stop by and be a guest with us. One of the many great people that I can say has helped me along the way. I appreciate it greatly.

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  1. Seriously how many analogies does Paul need to use to make his point.