Friday Thoughts with the Dino Blogger

Here are just some random thoughts from me on a Friday. Ready? Let's Go:

1. Thunder Up and feeling the Heat as I am just 6 games away from nailing the NBA Finals again in October. I picked the L.A vs Orlando final a few years back not I am on the verge of picking another final. Could you have to more opposite teams in terms of rooting for? I love the Thunder and the fact they are proving people wrong. Miami on the other hand is kind of like selling your soul to the devil if you root for them. They are just not likeable and so many people would love to see them fail. But I am in on both and think it would give you a classic good vs evil final.

2. NBA Combine: I love basketball honestly I do. But the NBA Combine on T.V is nothing but a bunch of "experts" trying to validate themselves while we watch players do basketball drills it is far from exciting and really doesn't tell you much. Individual workouts with teams are a bit different from that. But if I hear anymore about Jimmer I will scream. Here it is for you all....Jimmer is a bust in the NBA. That is all. As for Raptors no Kemba Walker working out or Brandon Knight. Some may say that is bad. I say that is good. The less teams see of them the better. If the Raptors stay at 5 my gut says Kemba Walker is the pick. Demar DeRozan would like that a lot. During NCAA Tournament DeRozan mentioned to me how he and Ed Davis both know him pretty well.

3. Weather is terrible. I mean I am not one of these people that complains about the weather a lot but seriously when Sun was out yesterday I was like what the hell is that? This has been a terrible spring for weather. Just awful.

4. Lockout will have a very negative effect on this draft. Vegas Summer League has already been cancelled. If you have been following the NFL Lockout you are well aware of the fact players have no contact with teams during a lockout and that is going to be huge for these kids coming out in the draft. They will be starting with a disadvantage not that different from the one Ed Davis faced with his injury this year.

5. Tristan Thompson being in this draft makes sense to me. Cory Joseph does not. I hope the best for both of them but Cory Joesph has a lot of convincing to do if we expect to see him on an NBA Roster when thay start playing basketball again. For those that think I am a total homer in wanting Thompson on the Raptors here is something to counter that. I would not pick Cory Joesph at all. While Thompson offers some things the Raptors don't have, Joseph is not an answer to replace Calderon and I would take Bayless over him without much thought. Myck Kabongo is the guy the Raptors should do anything possible to draft. But that is next year. While I hope the best for Cory, I don't think it makes a lot of sense for him to be in the draft.

That is all that is on my mind at the moment that I can think of. See you folks on Monday.

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