Vote DNB To Run Your Raptors.

Last night I made the mistake of talking politics on my twitter account. Should never bring up politics or religion people tend to be even more passionate about those than sports. But still we all have right to express our opinions that is what living in a free country is all about. Now in terms of sports we all have opinions about the Raptors. But in sports MLSE never has to run to gain our support to run the Raptors. Maybe they should have to, they are Canada's team after all right? So I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and look for your support to run the Raptors. I will lay out my platform and see if you want to vote for me? Yeah let's do it. Have some fun and make some points along the way. So I guess it is time to make my speech.

My fellow Raptor fans and basketball fans across this great country of Canada. The great nation that produced the man that invented this great sport of basketball. Dr James Naismith would be saddened by what the state of Canada's NBA team is in. For sixteen years, most of which under the current administration Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment this team has not produced to the level that you great fans deserve. They have failed to deliver you a winner. You have shown your support for 16 long years through buying tickets, merchandise and supporting this franchise through tough times. It is time for a change and time for someone to bring a new vision for this franchise. Not to just say you want to win a championship and not take the actions it takes to provide that championship. Toronto has not seen a major sports champion since 1993 and MLSE has never produced a championship for you. Profit over production has been the mandate of this current administration. My mandate is your mandate.... Winning.

The question becomes how to do that. One of the priorities under my administration will be to find one of our own to be part of the solution. MLSE will claim to have done that with Jay Triano, but he is part of the problem not the solution. The time is coming for a Canadian to play for Canada's team. It will be my mission to find that Canadian to be part of this franchise. It can be a valuable asset to the growth of this great sport across this country. There are talented young people that have a lot of skills and the time is soon coming that more Canadians will be a part of the NBA. It is vital that the Raptors as franchise own a piece of this infusion of Canadian Talent. It is the belief of myself and my administration that this is a way to solve this franchises greatest failure as well.

Stoudamire, McGrady, Carter and Bosh all Americans and all gone. If we can find a Canadian star to shine in the great white north the chance he would leave becomes far less likely. Steve Nash has shown us in his great NBA career that it is possible for a Canadian to be one of the best players in this league. We must find that type of person to lead us in the right direction. We also must do a better job in making American Players aware of the greatness that is Toronto and Canada. When you play for the Raptors you are not just playing for Toronto you are playing for a nation. You only need to look at how we view the Blue Jays that brought home World Series Championships to Canada. They are legends and heroes in this country for life. No other team in NBA can offer a player that opportunity. But it is hard to get someone to see that vision with a franchise that is losing. A team that has had little to no playoff success. Players issues with Canada become far less when winning happens.

Toronto is not a small market and it is time we start acting like it. This team has always acted like a small market franchise. Afraid to go beyond the Tax Threshold. Why is that exactly? It is pretty clear this team is profitable. So it is time to invest those profits into winning. This is what you all deserve for your loyalty and support for this franchise. Toronto is one of the largest markets in North America. There is no reason we can't build to establish this franchise like New York, Chicago and L.A. The Lakers not the Clippers. We will not fear being great or seeking profit over production. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and the money that success will ultimately bring this franchise.

We will run this team based on results. We want people on all levels that produce. From the players on the floor, To the coaches, to management and everywhere in between. There has been a belief under MLSE that is matters what type of people make up this organization. There is only one thing that matters and that is winning. You can be a nice guy and be loser. You can be a total jerk and be a winner. At the end of the day, regardless of the type of person you are, as long as your focus is about winning and doing what it takes to win is our only concern. While we would encourage our players and staff to be good to our fans. We ultimately want people that will give you what you want ultimately and that is wins.

We are committed to providing you a winner. That is what we will work towards every single day. We will work hard for you to provide you the winner you deserve. This is our vow to you the loyal supporter of the Toronto Raptors. We think it is time for a massive change in direction from the last 16 years of failure and promise you a brighter future that is focused on winning. We encourage you to hold us accountable to our main goal of winning. Together we can make this a success. So say no to MLSE and say yes to the DNB. Say no to profits and yes to winning. Say yes to change.

What a world that would be if we could have a chance to vote out the people that run our sports franchises. If MLSE had to run on their record as politicians do they would have a serious problem trying to keep their job. But that is not the world we live. You hope with MLSE being up for sale, at least the controlling interest in it, that whoever takes over will say they are focused on winning and actually mean it. MLSE talks about winning but at end of the day is more concerned with the bottom line in terms of profits and not championships.

There are few situations in sports where fans truly have a say. The only one I can think of is the Green Bay Packers the defending Super Bowl Champs and are owned by it's fans and the pubic. Average people with the means to do so can own a part of the franchise they love. MLSE is the exact opposite of that. It is a corporate business first organization. But the way they do business at times is a joke. The way they have treated Bryan Colangelo is flat out wrong. Regardless of what you think of the job he has done. He has for the most part been very professional in his time here and has been a gentlemen and deserves to not be hanging in the wind as he currently is. There lack of action in terms of the future is troubling especially when you consider the future for the entire league is so much in the air. Stability is required at the moment and the Raptors have none. MLSE owe Bryan better and they owe you the fans better. But there is no way to vote them out.

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