Top 10: Things Raps Can Get for Bargnani

If you haven't heard by now, Andrea Bargnani recently made comments suggesting that if he were no longer playing for the Raptors he would like to play in a warmer city and in a role that best defines his talents. You can read about it here. So if he were to get his wish of a warmer climate what will the Raptors be able to get in return?

#10: A Milli Vanilli CD: while Bargnani is off enjoying his warmer climate and we're here enduring the spring rains, why not listen to some Blame It On the Rain

#9: A copy of NBA Elite 11: The game that was never released because it just wasn't that good, kinda like Bargnani, he just isn't that great a player unless he can put some effort on rebounding and defense.

#8: Eddy Curry: Not sure I'll even go through with this trade.

#7: Nate Robinson: We're gonna need some comic relief sometimes and I've heard he's a great cheerleader on the bench

#6: A brand new Spalding from Wal-Mart: you can never go wrong with a brand new Spalding.

#5: Dwight Howard: Yea we all know this ain't gonna happen

#4: Kevin Durant's backpack: It's just a cool backpack

#3: Carlos Boozer's gym bag: This bag took Boozer out and had him sidelined for month's and the Raptors could use some of that grit in the post.

#2: Lebron's headband: That headband is really going places as it keeps progress up Lebron's hairline each game.

#1: A lifetime supply of Primo pasta and sauce: If Bargnani leaves, Primo will lose their sponsor and all that pasta could go to waste.

In all seriousness though, I doubt he was publicly suggesting he want's to be traded though it really does seem like he is, plus with the media these days things do tend to get blown out of proportion. If he is traded though I believe the Raptors can at least get a decent player of two and hopefully can get a starter quality C in free agency. Anyways tune in next week for another installment of the DNB's Top 10.

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