Top 10: BC Thoughts During Draft Lottery

Unless you've been hiding under a rock in the last 24 hours, you'll now that the Raptors gota bit of bad luck at the draft and ended up with the 5th pick. Now that may not be the worst of news as they can still get a solid player with that pick. Anyways after getting word that his team will be getting the 5th pick instead of the third you have to wonder just what was going through Colangelo`s head.

#10: Did I remember to DVR, The Voice, tonight?

#9: Can't believe I flew all the way to New Jersey for this.

#8: Guess it's back to the drawing board.

#7: Talk about a bad, second 1st day on the job.

#6: Maybe I should have worn my lucky cuff links.

#5: That Dan Gilbert is one lucky guy

#4: Wonder is Dan Gilbert would accept Bargnani for that #1 pick. I mean they are of equal value right?

#3: I wonder if David Kahn would trade #2 for #5 since he can't draft a PG with that pick?

#2: If I drafted Bargnani with the #1 pick and got DeMar and Ed with numbers 9 and 13, number 5 really doesn't seen that bad afterall.

#1: Wonder if Kyrie has seen this video of Cleveland yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysmLA5TqbIY

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