Starting 5 Season Wrap with Jack Armstrong

It is one of the great thrills I get from my job working on the Dino Nation Blog in talking with our guest today. Jack Armstrong is one of my favourite people to talk with for so many reasons. But first and foremost is because of his honesty in his evaluations of this team and franchise. I always have a great deal of respect for his frank and honest answers to the questions he is asked. Raptors have a lot of those questions at the moment and we try to tackle as many of them as possible. Jack weighs in on Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon's futures. The lack of a decision on the future on Bryan Colangelo. Some thoughts on the Raptors in terms of the draft. A look at where the future of Demar DeRozan and Ed Davis should be heading. As well as why he feels that Jay Triano is capable of being able to change is approach to demand more from his team. That and a lot more with Jack Armstrong in about a 30 minute conversation that has a lot of interesting points made by Jack. Really is well worth your time to have a listen.

I know that I got a lot from that conversation and I hope you all did as well. Jack made the point that the Raptors have gotten in their own way at times in their 16 year existence. Few can argue with that. The list of things would be long indeed. You would hope that with a new CBA in place the Raptors can use it to their advantage. But as Jack said regardless of the system it will take doing all the right things that are required to build a winner regardless of the system. I hope to have Jack back closer to the draft to talk about it in more depth. For those who are unaware Jack Armstrong still covers many games in the NCAA on a regular basis along with all his work with the Raptors on TSN and elsewhere. Including on Team 990 where he has taken over doing the basketball segment on the show that I have done for last 2 years. There is no one I would pick to replace me better than Jack. He is more than just someone I talk with I consider him a good friend to me and will always support him as he has done me.


  1. How can I download this? I can only hear it from my left headphone.

  2. you can't download our interviews. It is set up that way so it saves us some bandwidth. Phone interviews are recorded in mono hence why you are only getting sound on the left.