Raptors Land at 5

Toronto Raptors unfortunately followed the form of our mock draft lottery simulation. When we ran the lotto 100 times the 5th pick was the most popular outcome and that is where the Raptors ended up. Thanks to Both the Jazz and Cavs moving up. The Cavs did not earn the pick with their own selection which ended up at 4. The first round pick they acquired in the Baron Davis trade from the Clippers landed them the first overall pick. The Jazz also moved up with one of their two picks to end up at 3rd. The only team in the top 3 at the start of the night that remained there with their own pick was the Minnesota Timberwolves who have never won the draft lottery and selected first overall. They wind up 2nd in the draft. So based on how things have shaken out it is likely the Raptors if the choose to remain and keep the pick they could select Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight at the 5th spot.

Bryan Colangelo in a conference call after the lottery admitted that if the Raptors had been at number 3 as of this moment he is not certain who they would have selected. He noted that the lack of a true center was the Raptors greatest need and does not really see a guy in the draft that addresses that need. He did point out the Raptors did save some money by moving down the 2 spots. Pointing out it added to the free agency money the team would have to spend. Colangelo noted about the great uncertainty of this draft class and he almost seemed relieved to have been dropped to five as opposed to staying at the 3rd spot. Colangelo said that if there was a year to move back from three to five this might have been the year to do it. Saying that there was a group of players after the top 2 in this draft class that Raptors could have considered at the 3rd spot.

There was also talk of the whole keeping his job thing. Bryan had this to say on remaining in Toronto and with the Raptors."I'm happy to be back and committed to this organization to the city and I am proud to call Toronto home and am glad to be not having to look for another house." In addition he pointed out with his position being secure the business of the Toronto Raptors in terms of basketball operations can move forward now. Trade calls and determining the future of Jay Triano. It seemed pretty clear although Colangelo has much to do in preparation for the draft he seemed like he was anxious to get the coaching situation dealt with. Based on his comments after the season it would be highly unlikely to see the Raptors not at least pick up the option on Jay Triano's contract which needs to be addressed by June 15th.

There was no talk of moving the pick but that was something Colangelo did not rule out in his post season remarks and with the Raptors dropping two spots that might be even more attractive an option in a draft that Colangelo even admits has a lot of uncertainty.

Here is a copy of the press release earlier in the day on the Colangelo extension.

The Toronto Raptors announced Tuesday the club has agreed to a multi-year contract extension with president and general manager Bryan Colangelo. Per team policy, financial details were not disclosed. Colangelo was named to his current position February 28, 2006. He joined the franchise following 15 years in the Phoenix Suns organization, where he served 11 seasons as the club’s general manager including the last seven as team president.“Over the past few months Bryan has worked on a winning plan for the Raptors,” said Richard Peddie, President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. “Today I’m happy to report that he has everyone’s 100 per cent support of his plan and we look forward to seeing its success on the court.” “I’m very pleased to get this resolved and I look forward to following through on the next critical phase of rebuilding our basketball team,” said Colangelo. “I am deeply committed to the organization and our fans and I’m even more proud to call Toronto home.”Colangelo’s arrival in Toronto was marked by a series of trades and free agent acquisitions that resulted in nine new players on the roster at the start of 2006-07 training camp. In his first full season at the helm of the Raptors, the team improved an NBA-best 20 wins over the 2005-06 season to tie a franchise high with 47 victories. Toronto went on to win the 2006-07 Atlantic Division championship, securing home court in its return to the playoffs after missing the postseason the previous five seasons. For his efforts in leading the Raptors’ dramatic change of fortune, Colangelo was named 2006-07 Sporting News NBA Executive of the Year. It was his second such honour, having received the award in 2005 after guiding the Suns to the third-greatest turnaround in NBA history en route to winning the Pacific Division Championship. He is one of only three executives to win the award with two different franchises (Bob Bass, Jerry West).>During Colangelo’s career as a general manager, his teams have appeared in the NBA Playoffs 11 of 16 seasons, captured four division championships and posted an overall record of 665-612 (.521).

So the Raptors land B.C but no good luck from him at the draft lottery this time around. Although some might question how lucky he was in the first place considering the feelings of a lot of folks about his last number 1 pick of Andrea Bargnani. Colangelo did reference talking trades as part of his off-season work and he made it quite clear in his post season remarks that if he was running the show he was not afraid to look at moving Bargnani. Well time to see if he meant it. But it is nice to have him back as although I have not always agreed with his moves he has proven to have the ability to correct his mistakes and keep this team in a position to have a chance to make changes and correct it's course. Colangelo referenced the toughest part of this season had nothing to do with his personal contract situation it was having to endure the losing and that is something we can all agree on. Welcome back B.C you have a lot of work to do.


  1. hope the raps select tristan thompson, the lack of canadian star on this team has been whats holding basketball back in canada for many years, and I hope they can get him

  2. I hope it's either Walker or Knight, I will puke if we draft Donatas Motiejunas. Then in Free Agency, target DeAndre Jordan (Marc Gasol will have his offer matched for sure, DeAndre has a better chance of not having his offer matched). With the Colangelo situation, these 2 years i think are his last chance to prove himself.