Demar DeRozan Gets A Call From Uncle Jerry

Demar DeRozan's summer plans will include team USA according to Jerry Colangelo the father of Raptors GM and head of USA Basketball in an interview on the Fan 590. Now DeRozan will be part of the select team which is not in contention for a spot on team USA for the upcoming Olympics in London this summer but as part of the select team. That said it was the first step for many players to be part of the USA program in the future including Kevin Durant as the best example. This was also the part of the program that was run by former Raptors Head Coach Jay Triano. It is designed to prepare the main team as a sort of scout team for them to face. That said it gives the members of that team the chance to be around some of the NBA's elite talent and learn from that experience. This should be nothing but a positive experience for DeRozan.

The fact that Colangelo's father runs team USA might raise some eyebrows as to if DeRozan would be there on his own merit. That said he is there and that is the important part. Raptors have had many players play internationally but only two that have played for Team USA. Vince Carter and Chris Bosh who both had key roles for Team USA in their time with the program. Carter of course shocked the world in Sydney as he jumped over french man with the greatest of ease. While Chris Bosh was a key contribute to the redeem team that won gold in China. DeRozan may not be heading to London for this Olyimpics but this makes the chances he could be part of the World Championships in 2014 and or 2016 in Brazil.

While on the topic of DeRozan check out the handy work of Andy from Game Entertainment. This is an amazing production looking back on DeRozan's 3rd year as Raptor in the NBA:

Check out more of his work on Youtube the guy is pretty friggin amazing at what he does.

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