DNB Top 10 Off-Season Edition

So it is another off-season for Raptors Fans, far sooner than they would like. What can you do between now and next season. Here are 10 suggestions of what you could do with your time.

#10- Think Of Alternate Names You Could Have- Ron Artest became Metta World Peace last off-season. Maybe you can change your name to something cool too. How about change your name to a Raptor legend like say Yogi Stewart? Maybe you could go with a Raptor theme and be Rock Pound? The ideas are really endless.

#9- Mini Golf- It is a great time and involves far less frustration than actual golf. You don't need to buy clubs, you get to experience life and meet people. If you get good who knows maybe you could be the Tiger Woods of professional Mini-Golf (There is such a thing)

#8- Watch The WNBA- No it hasn't folded. They actually still have a league. That is why we have that Shooting Stars thing on All-Star Weekend to remind you the league has not folded. Watch the game in it's purest form without all those dunks and stuff. Learn the names of the teams and amaze your friends with your knowledge of useless information. Start a petition for MLSE to get a WNBA Franchise that might actually win something.

#7- CFL Football- The Argos would like to endorse this. After all not many people seem to bother going to watch them. You have the Hamilton Ti-Cats down the road if you are looking for a winning team to root for. The CFL Draft is on tomorrow it lacks the gilts and glamor of the 3 days of the NFL Draft but it is still fun. It is nice to watch a draft where the players do not instantly earning more money than you.

#6 Start Hitch Hiking To Las Vegas- If you left today you would make it their in lots of time for the return of the Las Vegas Summer League that is back after being a causality of the NBA Lockout. After some of the games you watched in the NBA Regular Season this year who knows it might make Vegas Summer League look better than it has in the past. Ed Davis will be there too, and is said to be the focus of the Raptors team. When are you going to get to see that EVER?

#5 Go Jays Go- Hey the Blue Jays are suppose to be good? They are above 500 at least when is the last time a Toronto Sports Team could say that. I know Leaf Fans, the Leafs were in first in the NHL. I wasn't going to bring it up to spare your feelings. But these Jays are going to be the example for the NEW MLSE as Rogers is set to assume their stake officially in MLSE this summer. Given how the Jays didn't spend money to get Prince Fielder or Yu Darvish, don't expect the money to be getting tossed around in the NEW and IMPROVED MLSE. So watch the Jays and see the Raptors future. Ok Maybe not, but they too have a lot of empty seats to fill.

#4 Canada's Wonderland- You watch the Raptors all year so what better way to prepare for next season than to ride roller coasters. The Raptors have always felt like you were watching a roller coaster at times. So why not get prepared and ride roller coasters all summer.

#3 Study Up On Lithuania- If Linas Klezia could not inspire you to learn about the country maybe Jonas Valanciunas can? In fact maybe learn the language you have lots of time. Cheer for them in basketball in Olympics after all Canada isn't there (Thanks Leo) so go buy a flag and get ready to cheer. 

#2 Hunt for Demar DeRozan- Demar says he is going to be in Toronto more this summer. Spend the day trying to find him and hunt him down. Get a look and see if he really has been hitting the weights and getting bigger. In fact invite him to go to the gym with you and lift weights with him. Do your part to make your Raptor Star Player better.

#1 The Olympics- There is the obvious in watching the Basketball Tournament But why not get into it and cheer for sports you never knew existed. See if you can actually master the triple jump? Cheer for Canadians to set personal bests because it is not about winning medals. Oh wait, no we actually try and win now after Vancouver.

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