Steve Nash In Charge Of Canada's Basketball Future

In the past Canada Basketball has done a lot of things wrong it probably started with the firing of Jay Triano. This also led to the end of Steve Nash playing for Canada. He is now back not on the floor, but he is now back in the roll of G.M or basketball Czar whatever title you like to put on it. People have made the comparison to Wayne Gretzky running Team Canada in Hockey. This is different though as Nash has no plan to retire from the NBA anytime soon. He will have Rowan Barrett acting as the Assistant G.M while he continues his NBA Career. That said a phone call from Steve Nash to come play for Canada Basketball would carry a lot of weight with young stars that are coming up in Canada. That perhaps begins with Tristan Thompson and does not stop there.

Steve Nash coming back to the program would obviously open up the door for Jay Triano to return in some roll. It isn't clear if it would be in his same roll he once had at head coach. This is the first time in a long time that Canada Basketball has done something that is universally applauded. Canada Basketball has always had issues with money adding the face of Basketball in Canada should only help in bringing money into the fold.

In case you were wondering someone did ask the question Raptor fans might be interested in. Will Steve Nash consider coming to Toronto to play for the Raptors? He didn't say no. He said he has not even begun to consider his options in terms of the NBA. However, he said he would consider every situation presented to him. This press conference was held at the ACC and I am sure Steve would have talked to his old  friend Bryan Colangelo right? The idea of Nash playing for the Raptors does seem a long shot given the amount of time he has left in his career and his desire to still win a championship.

Nash said in this press conference that greatest accomplishment in basketball was playing for Team Canada. That might seem strange for a two time NBA MVP to say. That said, it likely does not surprise anyone that he said it. This will be a positive move for Canada Basketball and will or should get this ship that has been drifting along heading no where. Now Canada Basketball has a captain to guide the ship and it has a huge amount of talent that all grew up watching Steve Nash that he should be able to bring into the fold.

Finally Canada should have it's full amount of basketball talent at it's disposal to try and go out and compete with the rest of the world. Canada failed to qualify under Leo Rautins for the London Olympics and now the goal and challenge belongs to Steve Nash to get Canada to the World Championships in 2014 and the Olympics in Brazil in 2016. The roster for that team should be the best that Canada has every put together with the amount of talent out there and Steve Nash being the guy responsible for bringing it together.

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