DNB Top 10: First Round Of The Playoffs

True the first round of the playoffs is not over, but will do this list anyways. What has been of note from round one of the playoffs?

10. Ron Artest: Wait a second he is suspended and can't play how can he be on this list? If you watch Conan you know the answer. Ron Artest appearing on late night T.V while suspended has to rank up their with Dennis Rodman on Nitro (Wrestling) during a Bulls playoff run. It also might be because with out him the Lakers still have not finished off the Nuggets. If the Lakers win game 6 by 15 or more I am accusing them of playoff tanking. If not and Denver some how win Ron will be back for game 7.

9. Injures: Most of which have happened to the Bulls with the odd self inflicted one to the Knicks. The Bulls are still alive but given how they have been life and death to beat the Sixers it is not like they are going far. Chuck Swirsky was appalled that Philly fans cheered at an announcement that Noah was out for a game. These are the same people that cheered as Micheal Irvin was laid out motionless during a football game ending his career and booed Santa Claus are we surprised? I would enjoy the Sixers more if we had A.I still around to talk about practice. A sad end to the season for a Bulls team that fought so hard to keep their star healthy during the season. Sometimes stuff happens and you just have to go out and play the game and let the chips fall where they may.

8. Watch The Last 2 minutes: These NBA Playoffs have further added service to the fact if you watch the last two minutes of a NBA game you have seen it all. That isn't the truth but you will feel like it with how long and drawn out the last two minutes can be in a playoff game.

7. SVG Is Over In Orlando: The Magic actually won a game vs the Pacers which was surprising. Now the future begins for what will happen to that mess. Will Dwight Howard who is now recovering from surgery get his way and push out Stan Van Gundy? If he does can Otis Smith survive and actually get him to sign an extension in Orlando? One thing that is true and SVG and Dwight can both put the blame on is Otis Smith who destroyed this team with stupid trades to begin with. If Dwight leaves the Bobcats and Magic Rivalry for top pick in the draft just heated up. As for SVG he will land on his feet and live to coach again. In the meantime could someone at ESPN make a call and have him and Jeff working broadcasts together? That would be great.

6. OKC and Spurs: One Team is old and the other is young. They will face each other in the Western Conference finals when all is said and done.

5. James Harden: Ron Artest tried to kill him with an elbow and maybe it is he is happy he is alive, but whatever it is James Harden was just outstanding for the Thunder in round one. He is now a legit number three for them and on some nights can play like the number one guy.

4. No Drama Really: Let's face it there have been close games sure but aside from the Bulls being hit with a plague of injures and might not make it out of the first round the rest has pretty much gone as expected. The one surprise might be the Clippers having an easier time of it with Grizzlies than expected. But at the end of the day the teams we thought would win will.

3. Take Your Kids To Press Conference: I am not sure who started this trend. I think it was Kobe trying to show he was a family man after all his drama in Denver years back. But now it is common place to see kids at the press conferences. Chris Paul's kid's Blake Griffin Face might be the highlight of round one for me. In fact who needs the players let's have their kids do the press conference and ask them how they thought dad played? You will get more honest answers at least.

2. Plan Parenthood: It always amazes me when Athletes have babies coming during a key part to the season. I mean did Chris Bosh not think the Miami Heat would be in the playoffs now? Sure accidents happen but these things can be planned out so you can have you kids in July-Sept, you know when no games are being played. It makes for an awkward situation when you don't, that we are forced to remember that family is more important than sports. Seriously is this really that hard? That might have been a wrong choice of words.

1. Knicks: Where Failure Happens: The Knicks did win a game in this series. The first win since one over Toronto in 2001. This win after a star player trying to knock out a fire extinguisher and losing. There is talk the Knicks are looking to make Mike Woodson the full time for real head coach. Hold on their Knicks. This is a the same guy that struggled to win in Atlanta in the post season for years. It isn't that I like you it is more that I care for Spike Lee's well being in why I say this. If you hire Woodson you will lose in the playoffs. But at least you'll be better than the Nets.

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