Monday Full Of Bits And Bites

We have reached that point of the year where not a lot is going on Raptor wise. The Raptors are in wait and see mode in terms of the draft pick and the NBA Lottery. They can only make trades with teams eliminated from playoff contention which now after the weekend includes the defending champion Mavericks who were swept aside by the OKC Thunder. It is really the dead time of the off-season for the most part. Perhaps the calm before the storm of what should be a very active one for Bryan Colangelo.

It will be an active one for us here in the Dino Nation Blog as I will be adding some people to the staff shortly. Still may add more but the Team DNB Era is about ready to get rolling. I am excited about and hope you will enjoy the new folks that will be adding their talents to the Dino Nation Blog trying to make it better for everyone. I will be taking next week off and then will start down this new exciting path. I am still willing to consider more people for #TeamDNB as you can work with us over the summer as we prepare for next season and a bigger and better Dino Nation Blog for all. At least that is the hope and the plan.

Speaking of hope it was Jonas Valancuinas 20th birthday over the weekend as he will have a lot of hope attached to him coming in to join the Raptors next season. As for the expected number one pick in the upcoming draft Anthony Davis he spent his weekend with his Kentucky team at the Kentucky Derby. Which gives me an idea let's get rid of the NBA Lottery altogether and replace it with a horse race. That would be fun right? Speaking of the NBA Lottery it will no longer be held in New Jersey as it is going to be taking place in New York this time around at the studios of ABC/ESPN in Time Square. Just another thing that is moving out of New Jersey along with the Nets.

Keeping in New York the Knicks stayed alive with Stoudamire in the line-up and now speculation on if Jeremy Lin could make a return for game 5 in Miami. Regardless of the Heat should take this series without problem as no team has ever come back from 3-0 down to win a series in the NBA. It does also erase the Knicks record longest playoff losing streak that had their last win of a playoff game vs the Toronto Raptors back in 2001 a series they would eventually lose in a 5th and deciding game. It is a reminder of how long ago the Raptors glory days were. Also a reminder that the Raptors have never won a 7 game playoff series in their history. They have only had 3 chances to win one facing Philly later in that same 2001 playoff run and then first round exits to both the Nets and Magic in more recent times under Bryan Colangelo.

There is a long off-season to go and lots of time to talk about everything. There has been lots of positive feedback from are recent interview with Jack Armstrong the thing that seemed to interest most folks was Jack suggesting the Raptors should they lose in the lottery could consider moving their pick in the draft. It is not that crazy an idea. Even if the Raptors moved back and acquired another asset as a part of that it might be a good idea. If the Raptors pick at 8th or worse the likelihood of a top small forward being on the board seems bleak. It also seems to high to pick a point guard in this draft class. So why not trade back or trade out of the draft. In the interview Jack references the Johnathan Bender for Antonio Davis trade and calls it the best in the history of this franchise. A move like that in which the Raptors added a wing player or a point guard might be more appealing than anything they could find in the draft at that point. Eventually you can find yourself with to many young pieces and not enough actual proven players. The Boston Celtics had a ton of youth and turned that youth into the Big 3 that won them a title. The key is figuring out what young pieces you want to keep for the long term. That generally will be dictated by what you are bringing in via the trade. The Celtics got it right by keeping a young Rajon Rondo who at the time was far from what he is today. The Raptors also have two second round picks and what they do with them will be interesting as well. The Raptors record of finding players in the second round is one of the worst in the NBA.

That is about all I have for you on a Monday. Just a reminder during these off-season months barring big news items we will be running Monday to Friday and taking the weekends off. But we will be running all off-season long. There maybe a week or so vacation here and there but for the most part will be here all off-season long.

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