DNB Draft Lottery Chat Spectacular

Some people don't like when I reference wrestling in the DNB. Well to those people I apologize for this next few lines in advance. CM Punk (WWE Champion) claims " Luck is for Losers" and the NBA Lottery is the best example of this. The Raptors luck as you learned yesterday in the blog, is all bad for the most part. I am not going to tell you if you should believe in luck, fate or destiny. What I am going tell you is regardless of all that we at the DNB are hosting a Draft Lottery Chat for all of you. From those who believe that the NBA Lottery is fixed to those of you clutching you lucky Rabbit's foot (By the way the Rabbit wasn't that lucky was he) your all welcome to our Draft Lottery Chat tonight at 7:30 pm. If you can't make it feel free to chime in with your thoughts through out the day below. What is the potential prizes from winning this Lottery? We examined that earlier this week of who the Raptors could get with some "Luck". If you have good luck or bad luck or like CM Punk believe luck is for losers your all welcome to be part of our DNB Draft Lottery Chat.

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