Raptors Rank Last In Uniforms In Toronto

Here is something I came across over the weekend on NFL.com. It is a story ranking all the uniforms in North American Sports (No CFL or MLS though) and the Raptors did not fair well coming in 97 out of 122 teams. In fact they were last in Toronto teams with Jays coming in 52nd and the Leafs in 12th.

According to the NFL.com writer the Cleveland Cavs have the best uniforms in the NBA coming in at number 11. Which likely devalues this from an NBA point of view. Laker purple and Gold or Celtics Green and white would both rank well ahead of Cleveland for me. Thanks to a reader who checked out article Celtics actually were top NBA team at 8. Clearly it is Monday folks. Thanks for catching that thought I had actually read the article on Friday and my memory clearly sucks. 

The main reason I decided to write a little blurb on this was his comments on the Raptor uniforms.

#97 Raptors: The Raptors, on the other hand, could actually stand putting a little purple back into their unis. (Note: I did not, I repeat -- did not -- encourage a return to the dinosaur jerseys.) The red and black is oddly configured on the current ensemble ... particularly the back of the shorts, which look like a half a toilet seat cover tucked into the waistline.

Raptors might have ranked lower if he had ever seen those Camouflage jerseys. The Worst in the NBA was OKC which I agree with 100%. They are one of best teams but their uniforms are horrible. In any case a nice light story to enter into another week. 

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