Raptors Rewind- Watching Online...Thanks Raps Republic

The Toronto Raptors without Jose Calderon we think(He would be), taking on the Miami Heat. Thanks to guys at Raptors Rebuplic for putting up a feed to the game. Much better than the Raptors T.V offering of Raptors Game in an Hour at 5pm. Andrea Bargnani has been put into the starting line-up for the Raptors and this game was going to be very interesting.

Raptors first trip was no good but Will Solomon made a steal and got the ball to Bosh and he was fouled and headed to the line for 2 which he made. Andrea Bargnani mad a nice turn round jumper in response to Heat basket. It was Bargnani and Bosh early on pacing the Raptors to an early 8-4 lead. the Heat went on a run of 5-0. But Anthony Parker would bust that run with a 3 pointer off a nice feed from Bargnani. Parker would make another 3 pointer that gave the Raptors a 14-11 lead. Dwyane Wade turns a Raptor turnover in 2 points for the heat. Shawn Marion gets a bucket and Heat had a lead. Andrea Bargnani would take it back.The Raptors were holding their own Kris Humphries was back healthy and in the game scoring to put the Raptors up 20-18.

With this bigger look the Raptors were getting on the offensive glass and that was giving them extra chances which Will Solomon took advantage of one. Andrea Bargnani was looking good in the starting line-up he had another score. Solomon would get a 3 after a slow shooting start. Quinn hit a buzzer beater 3 pointer for the heat but it was still the Raptors up 29-27.

Both teams were shooting well, Heat at 52% and Raptors at 50%. Will Solomon did a great job in relief of Calderon with 6 assists and 1 turnover. Roko Ukic would start the second. Heat scored the first four points of the quarter until Kris Humphries scored and he would score again Raps were up 33-31. Quinn would respond with another 3 for Miami. Humphries had 8 points and 7 rebounds in just 7 minutes. Break out the Hump man. Canadian Joel Anthony got a jam off a screen and roll and Heat were up 36-34. Jason Kapono would hit a big three ball to give the Raptors the lead back at 39-38. Jamario Moon maybe got the message as he drove to the basket and got to the line which has been far to rare this season. He would only make one of two and D-Wade hit for 2 on the other end and we were all tied at 40.

Will Solomon was back in for his second tour on the floor. J.O would get a score in the post. He was working hard on the glass as well as he had 8 rebounds. Chris Bosh was back at the line looking for 2 more. He would hit both and it was 44-40 for the Raptors. Heat would get back in front with a Michael Beasley bucket and 1. Jamario Moon would hit a basket on a jumper But D-Wade would respond with a score, a steal and another score. Sam Mitchell had seen enough of that and called for time. Raptors would turn it over out of the time out they had 11 turnovers in the first half to this point. Dwyane Wade scored again that was 6 straight for him and 15 in the half. Chris Bosh would come back and score for the Raptors. But Cook would hit a 3 pointer in response. Andrea Bargnani would score on other end for Raps. Wade would have a final miss but his Heat still had a 54-50 lead.

So far from perfect but with no Jose and a new look line up things were not so bad. Jermaine O'Neal would get the scoring started as he was fouled and heading to the line. He had 10 rebounds beyond his points. He would make both at the line.He only had 4 points but was doing a lot of good things. O'Neal hit a jumper to tie the game at 56 early in the third. Andrea Bargnani would score and Raptors had an 8-2 run and a 58-56 lead. J.O now had 6 point in the quarter Raptors had a 60-56 and a 10-2 run. Time out Miami. Michael Beasley would score on the drive out of time out. Andrea Bargnani was aggressive going to the basket and got a questionable offensive foul. The Heat would get back to level with a basket but Bosh would quickly bot the Raptors back in front. A quiet day for Shawn Marion but he would get a bucket and tie us up at 62. Bosh was back at the line and hitting two free throws. D-Wade had the answer and we were tied for the 15th time on the afternoon. Wade would score again slashing to the hole.

Chris Bosh and D-Wade of the same draft class and team U.S.A were having a battle. Bosh this time was tying the game up for his squad. Shawn Marion bailed out the Raptors from a shot clock violation giving Bosh a chance to add to his totals. Bosh would split a pair but he was 10-12 on the day from the line. Raptors lead 69-68. Dwyane Wade had an answer and he had 21 now and his team a one point lead. The lead was going back and forth like ping pong match. Will Solomon had his foot on the line for a very long 2 pointer and we were tied at 76. A lot of folks were missing a heck of a basketball game. We were all tied at 78. A scramble for the ball left D-Wade a little worse for wear, and after that A.P would score a basket to close the scoring in the third as Raptors lead 80-78.

Raptors were maintaining there pace shooting the ball still at 49% the Heat had faded to 45%. Kris Humphries would get first 2 points of the quarter from the line. Jason Kapono would hook up Chris Bosh for the easy Jam for two. The Raptors had scored the first 4 points of the quarter and now had a 6 point advantage of 84-78. Raptors showed good ball movement and Jamario Moon drove to the bucket and got to free throw line and score on both attempts. The 6-0 run would be broken by Micheal Beasley on to have Jason Kapono respond with a long 2-ball. A good defensive stand by the Raptors highlighted by a J.O block. Raptors were playing good defense and had a lot of energy.Raptors were on a 10-2 run and this was with Bosh watching on from the bench resting. Another J.O rejection lead to a Kapono 3-ball on the other end and the Raptors were rolling the had a double digit lead 93-80.

The ACC Crowd was energized and Chris Bosh was back in the ball game. The Raptors defense was really playing at perhaps the best it has all year long. The Miami heat were 1-12 in the 4th to this point as a result of that Raptor defense. Jermaine O'Neal was challenging everything that went up in his area on defense. Will Solomon would hit a 3 point shot and this game was going the Raptors way 96-81. Miami would final get a basket they had only 5 in the quarter. Dwyane Wade scored and Raptors needed to be careful. Wade would score again on a turnover he had 6 straight and the Raptor lead was trimmed to 9 points. Wade had 27 point 4 steals and 8 assists. He was doing all he could. The Heat had an 2-0 run but time was short with just over 2 minutes to play. Cook continued the run to 10-0 with 1:35 left the Raptor lead was now just 5. Anthony Parker was fouled and heading to the line. He made both to break up the 10-0 Heat run. Raptors now lead 98-91. Wade would make with free throws of his own. But Chris Bosh would have a Jam and Raps had 100. J.O would get a basket on a goaltending call. Will Solomon in relief of Calderon had a double double(12 points 10 assists) and Raptors had 7 players in double figures. Raptors answered the Miami push and were going to hang on for a well deserved win. Will Solomon was getting some bonus points down the stretch from the line. a 107-96 win for the Raptors and a lot of folks taking a big sigh of relief. Raptors move to 5-4 on the season and hit the road to face the Magic and this Heat team again.

Much love goes out to Raptors Repulic for giving fans the option to watch where Rogers and TSN failed to do. Good for the gang over there. A great bunch of boxscore goodies for a lot of folks. J.O had 18 rebounds a solid game for Hump and as mentioned Will Solomon opened a lot of eyes today. All of course lead by an outstanding performance by Chris Bosh. Check it all out and smile.

Raps and Heat Boxscore


  1. Mr. Dino-Man...R U SAYING THAT I can go to Raptors Republic and actually watch a TSN2 live game???!!!! That is Awesome from how it sounds..!! You can just waltz in and just watch? Is the bandwidth good enough, considering they will have tons of ppl, who got dicked by Rogers and TSN-A-Holes, will swarm at the servers like crazy? Plz respond if you can Dino-Man.

  2. Yeah they had the game on live as it was happening. I felt the need to give them the love for it. If word spreads about this the next TSN 2 game will be crazy busy for them. That is not till sometime in December. I think this will be solved by that point.

    Normally I don't allow language in comments but hey I would say a lot worse. It was great for those guys to be able to pull that off.

    Was a really great game too. Not to rub it into anyone that was not able to see it.

  3. I went to my first live game since the Vince Carter days, and yeah, I was really bummed about not seeing my fave player play (sorry, Joey, I don't mean you). It's weird that Calderon wasn't on the bench until I noticed him at the start of the 4th quarter in his grey suit.

    Not sure who close the calls were, but it seemed like the refs were against us for the first 3 quarters, until the Raptors pulled away in the 4th. Great sequence with JO's block leading to a Kapono 3-point finish. That got the crowd off their feet cheering!

  4. Glad you had a good time Chi. You are also leading are stock market league good going.

  5. I rewatched the 4th quarter on TV just now. I take it back on the refs, they were screwing us in the final minutes, which allowed Miami to get to within 5 points.

    Stock market is quite the learning experience. One peculiar thing I've noticed with regards to the players' prices is that they tend to rise/dip depending on whether their team has a game the same day. Seems like some people are making for a strong point start at the expensive of getting their allotted number of games out of the way.

  6. Yeas a lot of people make game day buys. What people who are new to the game fail to remember is that you are only allowed to have 82 starts at each spot. Some people if they are always filling their roster will be done by All Star Break.