The Saturday Raptor Hangover.

This has nothing to do with drinking. For that I could drink some gatorade and feel better in a hour or two. Last night's game versus New Jersey was costly on so many levels. The top of that list is J.O going down and out at the start of the 4th quarter. That was a dirty play by Sean Williams. He grabbed Jermaine's jersey and yanked him to the ground. That is my take on it, that is and was a dirty play and there is nothing I will read that will change my mind. I saw it and likely you saw it so we can all make the decision for ourselves. No matter how it happened and what you think about it, the fact remains is it happened.

On the broadcast they said it was a strained left knee. I have heard some speculation about it but until and MRI is done on that knee nobody is going to know for sure. This is the knee that has been the one talked about that has caused Jermaine all the problems over the last few years. He does wear a big brace on that knee and that could have helped a bit in this case. Let's hope it did. But it goes with out saying this is a major blow for the Raptors. It is just a case of how big a blow it will be.

As for the Game

Even if there was not the J.O injury to be upset about there was the game itself. Vince Carter showed people just why they once loved him. He was the guy making the two most important plays of the game. He can be one of the best players in the NBA when he wants to be. On this night it was very clear that he wanted to be. From his prospective it must feel good to get a win in Toronto. I mean after all the fans of the Raptors have never treated him with anything but hostility in his returns to the city when he is on that A.C.C floor. It is not to say that he has earned some if not all of that from the fans. They felt he gave up on them and some will never get past it. This was one of the more painful chapters in the long story of Vince Carter and his post Raptor career as public enemy number one in Toronto. He missed on clutch shot that could have sent the Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals but on this night he made two truly great plays to beat the Raptors.

Chris Bosh had another unreal night all for not. He out scored Carter by 3 points tying his career high of 42 points. Andrea Bargnani had a career high 29 points and yet despite all of that the Raptors still lost. I mean you lose a player to injury, you lose an 18 point lead and you did everything possible to get a win and it was not enough. That is the definition of frustration with no dictionary required. How the Raptors can put all of this behind them and get ready for the Boston Celtics is really hard to say. This has not been the start that they wanted and it is not the start that fans wanted. This is the type of situation that will define a team. This is exactly why I am glad Chris Bosh is the franchise player and not Vince Carter despite his heroics. Chris Bosh no matter the situation that is in front of him never gives up and never gives in. The same can not be said for Vince Carter on a night to night basis. Last night he did but over the long haul day in and day out, Chris Bosh gives all he has. That defines another word and that word is character.

Hey Jalen...Shut Up

Jalen Rose made it no secret near the end of his career that he wanted to be in the media. If there was a microphone and a camera Jalen Rose would find it. I like Jalen mainly because I was and still am a fan of the Michigan Wolverines. Just like former Raptor broadcaster Chuck Swirsky, I am happy to cheer GO BLUE. So this comes from someone that really has been a fan of Jalen and I am happy for him in getting a good living for himself after his NBA Career. But that being said he is going off shooting off his mouth and saying things that I have no confidence he knows anything about.

At several points last night on ESPN he was proclaiming that he knew for a fact that Chris Bosh and Lebron James were coming to New York in 2010. He was saying that Nate Robinson would have to give up his number for Chris Bosh. Same for Q-Rich with LBJ. Jalen does not know anything when all is said and done. To say that any player is going to another team is a lock is stupid. I took some heat for suggesting Dwyane Wade may be considering Toronto as an option for 2010. But I never said it was a lock and there was no doubt that it would happen. That would be silly to do and Jalen for a guy that has wanted a career in the media for as long as he has, you would think he would know better.

Not to mention the fact that Rose played here and spent time in Toronto and was treated very well by the media and fans here. What did we do to you Jalen? I mean why are you out there saying that our star player is a lock to go to the Knicks? Please as a Michigan fan and a Raptor fan, Please SHUT UP.

But if only it was that simple. Jalen is not the only one at ESPN that is talking about the Knicks and Bosh. All this speculation is sparked by the two trades the Knicks made on Friday. Sending Zach Randolph and Marty Collins to the Clippers and Jamal Crawford to the Warriors. It is part of the Knicks Salary dump plan for 2010. James, Bosh and Wade are all mentioned in this ESPN article. Is it just me or does ESPN talk more about 2010 than they talk about the actual season being played.


Sam Mitchell Haters For Once I Agree

I don't think you will find a blog that has been more supportive of Sam Mitchell. He may not know but the Dino Nation Blog has had his back a lot. But last night there was no defense for what happened at the end of regulation play. The Raptors had two chances to inbound the basketball and were unsuccessful both times. That just can't happen. It is Sam's responsibility as he had two chances to draw up something to get the ball in play. Sure the players have to make it happen but come on. I had written despite my support of Sam that this season would define him one way or the other as relates to his future with the Raptors. At this point Sam is truly on the edge as far as keeping his job. I don't think injuries or excuses can save him. I really feel bad about this because if Sam Mitchell and his time with Raptors is coming to an end I will miss him a ton. But he really isn't giving his supporters a lot to work with. Add in the fact that with J.O getting hurt he has less to work with it may just be to much to over come. When you look across the way last night at Lawerence Frank I don't think anyone can say that he did not out coach Sam Mitchell in this basketball game. He was able to give Vince Carter the chances to kill Raptor fans hopes for a win. Vince did just that.

Some CIS and Score Love

I like to try to support other forms of basketball beyond the Raptors and the NBA. I think it is important to do so. But being honest about it during the Raptors season those chances are rare to be able to do it. Thankfully one of the sites that is part of the Score.Com Sports Federation makes their focus the CIS. So if you are looking to read about coverage of basketball on that level go check them out. They do football as well and I am sure will have a lot about the Vanier Cup which is right in my backyard here in Hamilton. The Score is broadcasting the game as well with pre-game at 1pm and kickoff set for just after 2pm. But for here we are all about basketball and they had an article with the early season rankings in the CIS in both Men's and Women's basketball. So if you want to follow the CIS basketball season check them out:

CIS Rankings in Men's And Women's Basketball

So that is about it for me. I am praying and hoping for a birthday miracle for the Raptors to get me a win tomorrow. It may take just that given the state of things for the Raptors and the task of facing Boston was not easy at full strength let alone at something less than that.


  1. Love the site dude, Nets fan here. Reading up on all the Mitchell hatred. I thought Jersey fans were bad with L Frank.....

    Does Calderon always make facial gestures after lobs in the 1st quarter?? I was laughing, thinking if this were the 80's, he wouldn't dare to attack the paint after that. I mean I guess I could understand against the Champs, But not my lowly Nets.

    Keep up the good work

  2. A Nets fan likes Dino Nation Blog? I guess that is o.k. Thanks I am glad you enjoy the site. That was a big win for your squad. I suggest you send Mark Cuban a thank you E-Mail for Devin Harris. He may not get back to you with his legal issues but I am sure he will be grateful to hear Net fans are happy. What is with the Nets getting so lucky with lopsided trades. Thorn is a good G.M

  3. Hah, I keep up on all things hoops. I have my own blog. Plus, I do some writing for Hoopsvibe.

    I already sent Cuban that email a while ago.

    Rod Thorn may have questionable drafts, but when it comes to trades, he knows what he's doing.

    What are your thoughts on Bargnani? He is a hell of a shooter, don't get me wrong. But does he always just camp out behind the line? You can't always rely on the shooting touch, even as good as his is..

  4. Bargnani is changing a bit he isn't that guy that camps out at the line anymore as much. He has showed a better overall effort.

    I was convinced he should have been traded last year. But he had a good summer of work and is a better version now. He is showing the signs of being the complete player that Colangelo had hoped he would be.

    As i mentioned in my game re-cap he is getting smarter. He made those back to back 3's last night and instead of taking the 3rd long shot he drove to the basket and got to the line. I like him a lot from what I have seen this year. You have the same type of player in Yi in N.J. He needs to make same type of improvements Bargnani has started to make.

  5. I still cant believe the raptors let vince get that alley-oop to win!

    What are you thoughts about the thin back court for the raptors?

  6. It is going to be tough. But I just posted the latest on J.O and according to Doug Smith and Eric Smith seems J.O is not as bad off and folks feared. The Raptors never expected not to have Nathan Jawai which would have helped about now. It has been some unfortunate breaks and it will mean a guy like Kris Humphries can have a big chance to shine.

    But the way welcome stuart and thanks for the comment.

  7. I agree that Seam williams pulling on J.O.'s shirt was a dirty play. There have been several past incidents of players taking physical liberties with this team (Anthony Johnson on Jose, Horford on T.J., Bargnani getting his teeth knocked out in Miami). Until these guys decide to stick up for one another this will continue to go on. This team needs to grow some balls.

  8. very direct way to put it but I totally agree. I have said in the past about the incidents in the past you mentioned the same type of thing thanks fot the comment Dann