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Welcome to the dog days of August, where the potential 15th guy on the roster gets a lot of talk and love. But seriously will it matter all that much? If it is Pops Mensah Bonsu, Carlos Delfino or someone else, not to say that whoever the Raptors add would become number 15 on the roster deep chart. I think, the Raptors have done enough to be a better team regardless. But in the month of August there really is not much to talk about. Well there was this that involved a Raptor and a bunch of Canadians.

Part of me wanted to see Andrea in there throwing punches. However, Andrea was clearly in there trying to be a peacemaker. You talk about a conflict of interests of the Italian born #1 pick of Canada's lone NBA team. No question it was a dirty play that started that whole mess by the Italian. A conflict of interests for Canada Basketball as well not like anyone could go pop Andrea in the mouth. After all, the Raptors are a major source of funding for Canada Basketball. If you have been noticing there has been some positive results for Canada Basketball this summer. But the true measure will be if they make it to the World Championships. But at the younger levels of the program the future is bright.

There is the slow and painful to watch Stephon Marbury decline from reality. I watched an hour and said no more. This sounds very TMZish but Chis Bosh was in town along with Lebron James, Terrell Owens and Ex-Raptor Morris Peterson. All in town for Bosh's kick off party for Caribana. Truth is there is not a lot that goes on at this time of year. Things can go wrong like they did for the Indiana Pacers. Tyler Hansbrough who most felt the Pacers drafted to high will be sidelined for 1 to 2 months. That is clearly not a good sign for Larry Bird and crew.

Oh there was the talk of Allen Iverson to the Knicks as well. If it turns out David Lee is gone, and A.I ends up in, with all due respect to A.I it would make better sense to have David Lee. The excuse of the 2010 sweepstakes is rapidly not becoming and issue any longer for the Knicks. The dream of Lebron with a D-wade or a Chris Bosh is dying fast. Someone please tell Jalen Rose his guarantee is in big trouble.

So what do you do in the summer time to fill the void with no basketball? (Leave a comment and share it with us) I have been live blogging some baseball for the score. It has caused me to miss a lot of a great start for my hometown team the Ti-Cats. They made news this week bringing it Argo Arland Bruce III. This could be the CFL's answer to the Vince Carter trade if Bruce fits in here. The player the Argos got in return signed with the Buffalo Bills. So he will play in Toronto just not for the Argos. I am happy the Ti-Cats are showing signs of being better it really felt like they were becoming the CFL's answer to the L.A Clippers.

I did get to watch Orlando Magic fan Tiger Woods win his 69th golf tournament. I was live blogging the final round for The Score. What a treat it is to watch Tiger Woods do his thing. Never once did you think he was going to lose. There are view people in sports that inspire the confidence of a Tiger Woods. Michael Jordan may be the closest thing we have seen in basketball to Tiger. Back in the days before I was born you could make a case for Bill Russell as well. All they both did was win championships. Which is what Tiger does. He has now won 69 golf tournaments an amazing accomplishment that he has reached and is still in his 30's.

We went all over the sporting map today but it is a holiday nobody wants any kind of deep thinking reading for a holiday do they? Besides there is still 28 days to go in a month that does not promise a lot of NBA news in it. Although with Bryan Colangelo can you ever be sure he is truly done? That is part of what makes it fun to be a Raptors fan. However the summer of B.C is slow coming to an end. The fall will truly decide how good this summer has actually been. I am not as optimistic as some of you. I still think the top 4 in the East last year will be the same this year although they all have some new faces and challenges ahead. So enjoy the extra day off if you have it and see you all tomorrow.

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