Radio Killed The Blogging Star?

Let's hope not. But today I am going to be going back to my past. DNB Radio hopefully will be something you enjoy and take part in. For this first show I am basically just going to freestyle it and see how it goes. I do have a guest coming on with me for about first 20 minutes. After that will see what happens. You can call in to the show with your comments or question. There will really only be 2 rules to that for me. Please be respectful and keep your language to an acceptable level for the listeners. In the future I may have guest co-hosts and have a lot of fun with this. But for this first show I am just going to be learning on the fly. The goal of doing this is not unlike that of the Dino Nation Blog. To give basketball and Raptors fans something entertaining and fun along with giving you a place to voice your views and thoughts. I hope you decide to tune in and the show will be archived on the blog here in case you miss an episode. But if at all possible try to be there for this first one.


(After our Guest) Your Call In Number- (347) 994-2767

Thanks for all of the praise that has come my way for some of my recent interviews. It is very nice to know that people appreciate you work and take the time to let you know.

NOTE: There was a mix up the Show is starting at 11pm EDT...There was a mix-up when it was booked, Be talking at you in less then an hour.


  1. DNB Radio - tonight at 10pm, maybe 11pm?

  2. Enjoyed the show!

    Even if your guest is still suffering from the illusion that the West is superior to the East!