Bring Back Summer All-Star Game To T-Dot

I normally take the weekend and just chill out in the summer months. But something got on my mind, and I decided to get to typing. I have referred a few times to back in the day when I use to cover the Vince Carter Charity games in Toronto. I got to meet a number of NBA Players at them and they were a lot of fun. Vince takes a lot of heat for what he did wrong in Toronto but this is something he did right. To sellout the ACC for what amounts to a bunch of pro players playing in a pick-up game is an impressive feat. I remember the one year Shawn Marion dropped 50 in the game and seriously could not miss. All of the money from it went to charity and it was a highly successful event. Vince was able to attract a good crowd of folks to come for the game because it would always be held on this weekend to tie it in with Caribana.

So this is me throwing it out to the Dino Nation, To All Raptor Fans and to Chris Bosh to make this cool event come back. If Chris can get LBJ to come to his party in T.O. Why not have him through down a few dunks for a good cause at the A.C.C as well. I know any Raptor that has every been, all know about Caribana and love the event. In fact forget just ex-raptors the NBA at large knows about it.

So if you want to see a summer time charity game again let's hear it. In fact don't just tell me but tell @chrisbosh on Twitter. Steve Nash had picked up the game for a few years and tried to move it out west and it pretty much died off. I say it is time to bring it back. I understand that this year with the renovations and construction around the A.C.C it would not have been possible. But next year it would be. If things work out right Chris can sign his new contract to remain a Raptor at halftime. That alone would fill the A.C.C would it not?

So am I the only one who misses this short lived summer tradition in Toronto? Let's bring it back. If raptor fans support it and Chris Bosh is willing to back it I am sure it can be just as successful as Vince's games use to be. It could help support a worthy cause as well be it Bosh's foundation or whatever he would like to see benefit from it. So what do you say Chris Bosh and Raptor fans are you down with me on this?


  1. agree with you 100%. great idea.

  2. Why have this game when Toronto should be lobbying to get the NBA All Star Game, after all the first NBA game was played in Toronto, the NBA should give Toronto the respect its due and grant the ALL STAR GAME TO TO!!

  3. I heard that CB4 wanted to host a game in summer of '07 and '08 but was busy with Team USA commitments. This summer the ACC has been closed all summer for renovations (no concerts, or anything) so they would have had to play someplace else). Hopefully next summer they will bring this event back.