Matt Devlin is in The Starting 5

At this time last year Matt Devlin was in China covering the Olympics. It has been just over a year since Matt became the play by play voice of the Toronto Raptors. The team that he first signed on to cover has had quite the make over. Just 3 of the players who's names he called on opening night in Philly last year remain on this Raptors basketball team. He has in that year been a guest in the Dino Nation Blog on many occasions. I had Matt come on after he called his first ever game in the pre-season and many other times. He is always willing to come on and share his thoughts and have some fun with me. Today was no exception as we talk about many different subjects. Including Jay Triano and what all these changes mean for him. The job Bryan Colangelo has done in this off season. He gives his take on where this Raptors team fits into the mix in the Eastern Conference. Along with thoughts on the most recent trade. At least, the most recent one at the time of the interview. The way Bryan Colangelo is going you can never be sure. We even talk Twitter. Matt was on a cell so there is a bit of audio issues with that. But hopefully it does not take away from your enjoyment of the interview. But cellular technology is not perfect.

Thanks to Matt as always for making time for us here at the Dino Nation Blog. I do not keep stats on this sort of thing but Matt has been one of our most frequent visitors to the Dino Nation Blog and it is greatly appreciated by me. It has been a pleasure to get to know him in some small way over the past year. He is always very easy going and willing to take the time out for me.

So hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget DNB Radio is on the air over the internet on Blog Talk Radio at it's new and improved time of 10pm EDT. Hope you tune into to listen as I will have some thoughts on this interview and a couple others I have done recently. That along with thoughts on the Raptors and NBA along with maybe even some calls from you folks as well. I have another interview scheduled for today and if all goes well that you can look for tomorrow here on the Dino Nation Blog. I may have time to get a clip of it and give you a sneak preview of it tonight on DNB Radio.

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