Raptors Schedule Drops

I have joked around about on Twitter(@dinonationblog) the Raptors will indeed play 41 home dates and 41 away dates in 2009/10 season. The schedule was released officially at 1pm today. The info had leaked about a few dates but here is the official final word.


October 28th vs Cleveland
October 30th @Memphis
November 1st vs Orlando
November 4th vs Detroit
November 6th @ New Orleans
November 7th @ Dallas
November 9th @ San Antonio
November 11th vs Chicago
November 13th @ L.A Clippers
November 15th @ Phoenix
November 17th @ Denver
November 18th @ Utah
November 20th vs Miami
November 22nd vs Orlando
November 24th vs Indiana
November 25th @ Charlotte
November 27th @ Boston
November 29th vs Phoenix


December 1st vs Washington
December 2nd @ Atlanta
December 4th @ Washington
December 5th @ Chicago
December 8th vs Minnesota
December 9th @ Milwaukee
December 11th vs Atlanta
December 13th vs Houston
December 15th @ Miami
December 16th @ Orlando
December 18th vs New Jersey
December 20th vs New Orleans
December 23rd @ Detroit
December 27th vs Detroit
December 30th vs Charlotte


January 2nd @ Boston
January 3rd vs San Antonio
January 6th @ Orlando
January 8th @ Philadelphia
January 10th vs Boston
January 11th @ Indiana
January 15th @ N.Y Knicks
January 17th vs Dallas
January 19th @ Cleveland
January 20th @ Milwaukee
January 22nd vs Milwaukee
January 24th vs L.A Lakers
January 27th vs Miami
January 28th @ N.Y Knicks
January 31st @ Indiana


February 2nd @ Indiana
February 3rd vs New Jersey
February 7th vs Sacramento
February 10th vs Philadelphia
February 17 vs Memphis
February 19th @ New Jersey
February 20th vs Washington
February 24th vs Portland
February 26th vs Cleveland
February 28th @ Oklahoma City


March 1st @ Houston
March 5th vs New York
March 7th vs Philadelphia
March 9th @ L.A Lakers
March 10th @ Sacramento
March 13th @ Golden State
March 14th @ Portland
March 17th vs Atlanta
March 19th vs Oklahoma City
March 20th @ New Jersey
March 22nd @ Minnesota
March 24th vs Utah
March 26th vs Denver
March 28th @ Miami
March 29th @ Charlotte
March 31st vs L.A Clippers


April 3rd @ Philadelphia
April 4th vs Golden State
April 6th @ Cleveland
April 7th vs Boston
April 9th @ Atlanta
April 11th vs Chicago
April 12th @ Detroit
April 14th vs New York Knicks

I will break this down and have some thoughts on it later this afternoon

Here is the full release from Raptors.com

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