DNB Radio Back On The Net

It was quite a night for the Dino Nation Blog and me last night. I have always been someone who has been a caller on the Fan 590. I call in a lot of times on "The Game Plan" and "Hoops". However last night the Fan 590 called me. I was on the air on "Sports Central" with Zack Cooper. This was a last minute thing so I never even thought to ask for a copy. However was able to spread the word through Twitter and Facebook and got some positive reviews. Most important to me thought is my mother got to hear me on the radio again. That was pretty special for me. The Dino Nation Blog continues to amaze me in how far it has come. I feel that is because of two things. First my own hard work and drive. Second and just as important is the support of all of you. Thanks to Zack for the opportunity to be on his show. When I started doing all of this I am not sure that I ever thought things would grow as fast as they have. I feel very lucky and blessed to have had so many people help me get to the point I am at. That being said there is still way more to do and come for myself and the Dino Nation Blog. I really hope for those of you that have been here from the start that you feel a part of the success the Dino Nation Blog has had because you are even if you don't realize it.

The one thing I never expected to be talking about was the recently created DNB Radio. However expect the unexpected is more than just a catch phrase on the Big Brother Reality Show. Tonight is showtime once again. The show hits the air at 11pm and will once again be an hour in length. To this point there is no guest booked. It will just be me talking ball with you. However if you had asked me if I was going to be a guest on the Fan 590 last night I would have told you that was nuts. However guest or no guest I want the people listening to feel this is their show as much as it is mine. So if you want to hear about something on the show let me know. Leave a comment here or shoot me a tweet on @dinonationblog. The beauty about doing a show on the net like this is that you can truly have a impact on what you want to hear.

The other way you can get in on things is to actually call in to the show itself. Even though, I am in Hamilton and you are where you are, the show is based out of NYC. So it will require a long distance call (347) 994-2767 is the number to call to get on the show. I would be happy to talk with you let you have your comments heard or if you have a question I will do my best to answer it.

Show survived week 1 and this is week 2 and it is always going to be about you. So hope you will listen and enjoy this latest venture of the Dino Nation Blog. I am committed to making this something successful and who knows where it will lead. If you had told me, the Dino Nation Blog would have got this far this fast when it started, I am not sure I would have believed you.

So thanks to all of you. Also there may not be a blog tomorrow cause I am going to be heading to Toronto and doing some things. Including going to the anniversary party for the magazine that I write ball for The Industry. Party is at the Guverment so that is where I will be Friday night. So if you see a large guy not on the dance floor that is white it likely is me or a bouncer. I will be the nicer of the two. I may have the size to be a bouncer but not the mentality.

These are the "Dog Days" of the basketball year but that does not mean people don't have lots on their minds and that is what I want to hear from you.

Update 3:05 PM

I got a surprise in my mailbox. Zack Cooper sent me a copy of my debut on the Fan 590 as a guest. So if you missed it last night now you can have a listen for yourself. So thanks to him and this is of course courtesy of the Fan 590