This and That For A Wednesday

Just wanted to draw your attention to the article I wrote for The Industry Magazine. My article/column(pages 19 & 20) talks about the NBA Off-Season changes and I have a top 10 list of must follows on Twitter for basketball fans. It was written for the magazine back in July. So consider it a means of review. The Industry is having it's 1st Anniversary Party on Friday.That is one of the reasons I am heading to Toronto. Also, tomorrow DNB Radio will be back on the air. Thanks to Natasha for designing the logo from DNB Radio. Also congratulations to her on having her blog Heels On Hardwood become just the 3rd NBA Blog to become part of The Score Sports Federation that this blog has been a part of from the launch last November. She has a great Raptor Schedule she has designed that you can use for you background on your computer. So you can always know when the Raptors are playing and plan your life accordingly.

There is nothing new to report on search for the Raptors 15th roster spot. Maybe they should just have a reality show "So You Think You Can Ball". The eventual winner of that could maybe claim like Master P did that they put the Raptors on the map. Someone might want to tell Master P that Damon Stoudamire was getting on highlight shows and won rookie of the year long before his PR stunt to play exhibition season with the Raptors. However there is a more relevant connection between Romeo Miller AkA Lil Romeo the son of Master P who is good friends with Raptor Rookie Demar Derozan. Here is some old footage of the two doing there thing on the basketball court.

The footage of Master P as a Raptor I could not find on YouTube. I do think it is out there I just could not track it down. He did actually hit a 3 pointer and was a decent basketball player. There are some other people that have some game but may not be ready for the NBA. Former Cowboy now Bill..Terrell Owns can ball remember this:

T.O may just come up and check out a Raptor game once in awhile he has been in the house before at the A.C.C as recently as last year. Maybe T.O could be the 15th man and be a 2 sport athlete like Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders who did it with baseball and football. T.O as your back up small forward. Perhaps not. But his reality show is getting beat by reruns of the Fresh Prince at 5am I am told courtesy of Fan 590. These are the crazy things you spend time thinking about when there is no really news to talk about.

But I am sure there will be lots of things to talk about for DNB Radio. It looks like for now I will be flying solo for this episode. However that leaves more time for you folks to have your say. You can call in and be on the air with me if you call in at (347) 994-2767. I want everyone to feel part of the show and that is the best way you can be to actually call in and be a part.


  1. Not sure if there's that much interest in finding a 15th player. There's already competition for minutes and quite possibly, they're either just going to save the money or wait and see what they think they'll need after the start of training camp.
    Is there anybody left out there that the Raps would want to bring and would be expected to play? Besides Joey, of course (the torture is free)

  2. LOL...Please call in on DNB Radio and I can tell you why Joey is not the guy. I am just frstrated by 4 yrs of failure. I am not looking for another term of Joey Graham.