Friday Rotation

So another week in the books and another Bryan Colangelo move that makes you say...WOW. Just the norm for this off-season. It came so close to being a complete disaster had the Raptors and Colangelo not been able to work that complex 4 way trade. So let's review who is signed sealed and delivered for you 09/10 Raptors barring another Bryan Colangelo trade.

Jose Calderon (PG)

Jarrett Jack (PG/SG)

Roko Ukic (PG)

Marcus Banks (PG)

Antonie Wright (SG/SF)

Demar Derozan (SG/SF?)

Marco Belinelli (SG)

Quincy Douby (SG)

Hedo Turkoglu (SF)

Chris Bosh (PF)

Reggie Evans (PF)

Andrea Bargnani (PF/C)

Rasho Nesterovic (C)

Patrick O'Bryant (C)

Raptors have said they are going to add perhaps one more player to make the roster 15. If not that would leave an open roster sport that would provide some flexibility down the road.

So what might a Raptor 10 Man Rotation look like?


Chris Bosh

Jose Calderon

Hedo Turkoglu.

Andrea Bargnani

Demar Derozan

Jarrett Jack

Marco Belinelli

Antonie Wright

Rasho Nesterovic

Reggie Evans

Outside Rotation Looking In:

Patrick O'Bryant

Quincy Douby

Roko Ukic

Marcus Banks

It is a pretty impressive roster and rotation on paper is it not? Definitely good enough to be a playoff team in the East. But the real question will become if it is good enough to get this team beyond a first round playoff series? It would look like if things hold to form that Raptors would be looking at playing the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. A very athletic team that could cause the Raptors headaches. But that is looking way far into the future.

But it seems that when the Raptors hit camp it is going to be more about establishing rotations rather than the actual rotation itself. I don't think anyone can build a solid case for the 4 guys I have left out of the rotation can you?

So really Jay Triano in his first training camp is going to have a little less to worry about. Word on the street is the Raps will be heading back to Ottawa. So that should be funny for folks up there. I know a few of the DNB readership is from the Ottawa area. Enjoy the weekend no matter where you are checking in from. I am doing the radio in Montreal on CJLO late night. Still working out on when that will be. But at some point between 12am and 2am. I will be on there talking ball.


  1. totally forgot reggie evans

  2. there's talk about pops coming back via twitter?

  3. Yup I did fixed the article to reflect that. My bad it has been a busy day. Sorry about that Reggie Evans no doubt he will have a major impact.

  4. Now that the Raps have picked up Marco, the SG guard situation has gotten just a little crowded with guys who all need/ deserve time.

    Should BCo make making overtures to Denver to get Klieza for Wright? Denver needs a back-up SG, Klieza is threatening to sign in Europe, we need a back up forward for Hedo and to provide scoring at the PF position if case of injury.

    What is BCo.'s likely next move? We seem to have a hole at back-up SF/PF.