Raptors Get Their Man- Pacers Will Not Match On Jack

The Indiana Pacers made an offer to Earl Watson and that was a sign that Pacers had decided to let Jarrett Jack go. This is likely a move that will be welcomed by Chris Bosh who as it has been mentioned many times over played with Jack with Yellow Jackets. In fact Jack was regarded as his best friend on the team. After a season in which the Raptors had a point guard situation that was far from ideal. They now have a great one, two punch as they did with T.J Ford and Jose Calderon. Ironically Jack as Calderon had the season before, out played Ford to get his starting job.

Mike Wells in the Indy Star reports that the Pacers with the addition of Earl Watson will not match. Chris Bosh is in town working on his DVD. So I would expect we might here some reaction from him tomorrow. But it would seem obvious that this is a move that he would endorse and may have had a hand in. It was made public knowledge that he was involved in the recruitment of Hedo Turkoglu and I would suspect he has a involvement here as well. This is just a few signs that Bosh is sure looking like a guy that is not ready to say good bye to Toronto. His future is still a question mark. However if actions speak louder than words it sure seems like Bosh is looking like a guy that plans on staying in Toronto rather than leaving it as has been widely speculated.

Just a note the blog might be a little late tomorrow as I have some stuff to get done. But there will be one just later than you are use too.

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